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The Importantance of Clearings

We all generate emotional energies. Every one of us. Not all of these energies are good for us. Emotional energies that we generate can accumulate in our body's energy fields. Emotional energies that we pick up from relationships and other people can accumulate in our body's energy fields as well. We can also pick up emotional energies from environments that we come into contact with, long after we are gone.

Personal Clearings

A personal clearing is a 1 hour session. I can work through Skype, or a combination of picture(s) and telephone. It can be done in person or just as easily through distance work. Actually when it comes to clearing of people and property, there is actually no such thing as distance. It is all a matter of focus. This is why I use Skype and also a picture of the individual. Your confidentiality is paramount to me, and your picture will be deleted when your sessions are completed or at your request.

During the 1 hour personal clearing session, the usual scenario is that we talked for about 15 minutes. And then I asked the client to get into a very comfortable position, knowing that is lying down, but some people find it more comfortable to sit in a recliner or some kind of other position. It is not really matter. The important thing is to be comfortable. Because I work with my eyes closed, it is not necessary to be in the Skype picture during the personal clearing portion. If I am working by picture to clear you or members of your family or pets, then none of this would be an issue anyway.

45 minutes is a standard adult clearing or for anyone over the age of 13. A clearing for anyone under the age of 14 usually takes about 30 minutes. Children's energy runs quicker and they are a little bit easier to clear. Usually when I am working with children, the clearing has been ordered by the parents and I usually carry out the clearing when the children are sleeping. The reason being is that as we all know, it is not easy to get our growing young adults to sit still for any great length of time, or to be in any one place for any period of time, and so it is easier to clear them while they are sleeping and in one place. It simply works better.

Clearings feel good

In order to carry out a clearing, I draw on very powerful and positive nonphysical energies that have been known effect upon negative emotional energy. I use the focus that I have acquired during our conversation through Skype or telephone and a picture, and I run this energy through the individual's energy fields, releasing negative emotional energies along the way. And it feels good. It is very relaxing. There is no pain involved in any way. And please remember that I releasing emotional energy, not feelings. Clearings are not an emotional event. It is not a psychological event. I'm simply gently releasing emotional energy and dissolving negative connections to outside sources that are affecting your system in a negative way. I actually do not talk during clearings. We speak for about 15 minutes, and into a 45 minute personal clearing that does not require any kind of communication. I work with my eyes closed like I said, and the clearing itself is very peaceful and comfortable for you.

Home, Apartment and Condo Clearings

Whether through Skype or by a picture of your property, I am able to focus in and clear your living environment. This is done through focus and science. I really would not call this metaphysical or religious in any way. It is not magic. There is a science behind it. I'm nonphysical science. Your living environment is completely unique. Even with your property or apartment resembles everybody else's property. Your vibrations are unique and they are part of your living environment. Any energy from past or present occupants also contribute to the uniqueness of your living environment. All of your personal possessions and events that have happened in the past in your living environment contribute to the very uniqueness of your living environment. This is how the focus works. Your living environment is completely different than anybody else's. Drawing up specialized positive powerful energy from the nonphysical side and running through your living environment, atmosphere, structure and also the ground in homes is all accomplished through this process. Dissolving negative connections. Gently releasing and pushing negative emotional energy deep down into the earth and away from your property is how I work. And it does work.

Business and Work Environment Clearings

One of the most important, yet forgotten about issues is the accumulation of emotional energy in the work environment. Chances are that you work are only building that has already had a past business in the same space. That in itself is a really good reason to have their work environment cleared. Did you know them? Do they succeed or fail? It is very important that you do not fail. Too much negative emotional energy and the atmosphere can lead to unhappy workers, management and owners. And too often we get used to this emotional energy and do not even notice it. But it is there. Where there are people are have been people, there is emotional energy. It does not leave when people leave. Individuals generate emotional energy and then radiates naturally out from our body's energy field and into the atmosphere and even the structure of property. Through clearings of businesses, I have a track record of not only attracting more business and creating more profits, but creating a more pleasant atmosphere. This also is not metaphysical nor religious in any way. I including the atmosphere much like the officer work area is cleared each night on a physical level. You can have the cleanest work environment in the city and get your emotional atmosphere can be a mess. Workers and clients pick this up very easily not only by being in the environment, but also by talking to people on the telephone or even email. How? We all have had experiences of walking into an environment or contacting a company and getting a bad feeling. What you're picking up on is negative emotional energy. And this is not something that you should put up with. Spirits also are attracted to unhappy work environment is or environments that are full of negative emotional energy from the past or present. This problem is also taking care of during a business clearing. A business clearings can also be fine-tuned to clear specific offices or work areas. You have the right to take care of your office and keep it free and clear of negative emotional energy. This is not something that would affect others on a negative level in any way. To the contrary, people will feel better when they walk into your office or work area. Business clearings work.

Pet Clearings

Pets pick up emotional energy more easily than humans do. Think about our wonderful dogs. They are all emotion. Not only do pets pick up emotional energy from the environment, they also pick up emotional energy from the people that touch and hug them. It is completely natural. But the duty clearing. Some of my clients like to put their pets into a Skype or video focus so I can see them before the clearing, and some people just send a picture. Pet clearings take about 30 minutes and the results are immediate.

Specialty Clearings

Very often whole families, property including pets need to be cleared. I always give special deals for families and specialty projects, meaning more than one property, several people, just about anything that is not on my online scheduling system. The best way for you to accomplish this is to contact me and determine just what services you need. I would then quote a special price which I am sure you will find quite satisfactory. You would then go to my custom payment page, click on: Buy Now... and pay the agreed upon price. This is actually very common in my work. Why did the whole family cleared, the living environment and any work areas? I would not recommend taking any chances with negative emotional energies.

A Note on Payments and Scheduling

Although my 3 session courses are all paid up front, with requests, I do make exceptions and people can pay as they go along. I do not have a problem with this. So you can pay for 1 course at a time that works better for your budget. Although you do pay for my courses in advance, all payments are for the complete course and we schedule the second and third sessions as we go along. The reason I do this is so that you are not locked into a specific time for all 3 sessions. This may come in handy with our busy schedules that we all have. Also please understand that I am very flexible and understanding when it comes to rescheduling. There is no charge to reschedule, and some of this can be done on your own computer, tablet or smart phone as my scheduling system is very user-friendly and sophisticated, but not hard to understand that all. You actually have the ability to reschedule yourself without even contacting me. Living in our very busy world, I understand things, and rescheduling is not a hassle. It is more important that you are comfortable and ready for each session. If you need or wish to make a payment that is not on my scheduling system, just go to the custom payment page, and fill in the agreed-upon amount. You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to pay for goods or services from me. My payment system access all major credit and debit cards and is completely secure. Included with every purchase or service is a download link to all of my audio, video and text lessons. They will always be there for you and you are free to download them and upload them to whatever device you want as they are not encrypted in any way. All free of charge.

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