Jeffrey Seelman Media Appearances

Over the decades I have
appeared on many radio and television shows including

13 Most Shocking Hollywood Curses

12 Appearances on Coast To Coast with George Noory, Sirius XM Network, The Unexplained with Howard Hughes, many television news reports and articles
and print media.

Below are just a few of my Radio, Television guest appearances and pictures from the past.

Coast To Coast with George Noory

Canada's "X' Zone Radio + TV

Kev Baker Show (From Scotland)

The Julie Sav Show From London

Haunted South TV

Psychic  Access Radio

Brumder Mansion Milwaukee

Our Worlds with Elizabeth Rose

Psychic Visions Radio

Shadows Radio Appearance

Insights Radio with Craig Eugene

You Tell Me with Michael Gogger

The Todd Bates Show

Second Sight NYC Radio Show

UKPN Radio

From The UK
Haunted 911 Radio Show

Be the Light Radio

Rev Michael Carbone
Interviews Jeffrey Seelman

Haunted Voices Radio Network

The Mothership Connection Show

E! Entertainment Television
13 Most Shocking Hollywood Curses

WKRS Morning Show with Libby Collins

Connie and Fish Syndicated Morning Show
Article -

Haunted Milwaukee

WLIP Radio Interview

CBS Radio

Into The Light with Michelle

Our Worlds with Elizabeth Rose

Healthy People Radio


Dino Dean Show

Strange Frequencies Radio

Para-X Radio

PSI-FI Radio Interview
UFO Summer Skywatch

Kevin Smith Show

Television Appearance
Fox 6 Real Milwaukee

Paranormal Palace Radio

Voice of The People Radio

CBS RADIO -PARA-X - Soul Visions Radio

Solid Rock 94.1 WJJO-FM

Milwaukee Magazine

WCUB AM 90 Morning Show

WITI FOX 6 Television News Report
Modern Exorcism and the Nature of Evil Spirits

Interview with Russia's PRAVDA
#1 Read Article June 3-10 2007

WRIT 95.7 FM Morning Show

WMIL-FM 106 Country Morning Show


WKLH-FM 96.5 Morning Show

WVTV Channel 18 Television News Report
Clearing a Home for the Television Camera

University of Wisconsin LEADER
Interview on Exorcism

WMIL-FM 106 Country Morning Show
Business Clearing Contest

WMIL-FM 106 Country Morning Show
On-Location Business Clearing

The Unexplained
Radio Show Interview On ESP

WTMJ Radio
Interview on Exorcism

WTMJ-TV 4 Television News Report
Clearing a Reporters Home for the Evening News

WITI FOX 6 Television News Report
Clearing the Fox 6 Television Studios

Halloween Call-In Show live

Exorcism on a Home

Haunted Girls School  Kemper Hall

Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel
Interview on Serial Killer Possessions

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