Bad Spirits On The Internet

Part 1 - The Minds Behind The Minds

Have you ever wondered who you are really talking to on the Internet? Do you ever wonder why people can be so cruel? Well yes, there are lots of problems in our world today and people are not getting along so well. Actually, it's getting kind of ugly out there. Rabid politics, self-serving media, imposters and more. Who are we really talking to? The answer course is somewhat complex. For some, the Internet is their first foray into essentially reading or studying anything at all. For others, it is much more deliberate and intentional. It's a way to start an argument or keep one going. For most, it is just a normal excellent and ultra-handy communication system.

Bad Spirits and Angry People

So where do the bad spirits come in? Right through the back door of the mind. Negative spirits and the less common but much more powerful demonic spirits all communicate through telepathic thought and emotional waves of inflection. Bad spirits do bad things and their motivations can be far more frivolous than we would like to believe. By generating hatred and anger directed at individuals who are thinking about and writing opinions on social media and news commentary, they amplify emotions easily. Of course good spirits, which make up the bulk of all nonphysical beings, have no part in this. But just like we have criminals on the physical level here on earth, spirits with bad intentions also exist on the nonphysical level and they are not sitting around playing chess. Although it is very difficult for them to affect us on any physical level, they know exactly how to affect human beings on an emotional level. And we never see them coming.

Because we sometimes let our anger fly free, it is easy for negative spirits to attack the attacker. Small arguments turn into large ones. Anger and hatred left unchecked veer out of control. Negative spirits can lock into people's emotions far more easily than we are taught to believe. Many people writing on social media and news media outlets on the Internet are deliberately trying to provoke and escalate arguments. We all know that. What is not known is that they are also being used to cause havoc and the breakdown of civilized discourse. This contributes to what we see happening in our world today. And we are getting some unwanted help.

No one is aware of the minds behind our minds when writers on the internet contribute to this increasing worldwide problem. Especially not the writers. This also is true of people speaking verbally with anger and hatred in their minds. Because they do not protect themselves and we are not taught how to protect ourselves at all, most are not even aware that there is something close behind them.

This is only true of a percentage of all those that speak and write anything on the Internet. Most have good control over themselves and not everyone is affected by negative spirits. Negative spirits are just people who are deceased and continue to do negative things. Not everyone chooses to go somewhere else when they die and they can easily return. Negative spirits see fertile ground and continue to victimize the innocence as they did when they were alive here on earth. Since nobody really makes you go anywhere when you die, there are more criminal spirits around than people may think. This is not religious philosophy nor metaphysical thought. It is just non-physical science. Living human beings also can amplify our emotions for good or ill.

All thoughts have been emotional charge to them. These energetic charges can have a direct emotional effect upon anyone at any time. Negative emotional thoughts and charges can easily spread almost like an Internet virus. Most people have no idea how powerful their thoughts can actually be. Negative spirits attack people that they can affect. Negative spirits can use anger and rage, essentially supercharged emotional energy in order to directly affect their intended targets. It's all really telepathic. Negative spirits direct their anger towards a living person, or essentially their mind and because anger is an emotion and has a charge to it, that can easily amplify the emotions of a person who is writing or speaking. And negative spirits do not amplify anyone's emotions in any positive or constructive way. The goal is to make someone more angry and even full of rage, possibly far more angry than the original intent of the person writing or speaking. This happens far more often than we would like to believe. And it's nothing new. The science of it is not very complex either. We all know how individuals can aggravate us, either through writing or speaking. We may even get upset when someone is angry around us at work or even when we are out shopping. We may notice other people around us becoming angry as well. It truly spreads like wildfire because emotional energy is unseen yet very real. Scientifically, all emotions carry charges of energy. These are also very unseen yet very effective at amplifying the feelings of other people. People and spirits do it deliberately. Negative spirits see these charges visually and know where to direct them. The targets are deliberate. This is also true of living people, the difference being living people do not visually see these charges of energy and assume that they all are all their own feelings in their entirety.

That may not be true. There are other players that work in this game and art of communication. Thoughts begin deep in the mind and we are simply not taught to acknowledge or self monitor the origin and progression of our thoughts and emotions.This is not control on some unnatural level. This is more about emotional and mental hygiene. Both aspects of the unseen universe and all happening on a positive or negative level every time we have any thoughts at all. Simple thoughts and natural anger can become filled with rage so quickly that we do not even notice it, far before we touch the keyboard or it reaches the microphone.

The answer is to not let our mind and thoughts become weak and easily used by others, hijacked by anger and hatred. Because no matter how much we think we might hate each other, you can be sure that negative spirits hate us even more.

Bad Spirits On The Internet

Part 2 - The Good News

There are two distinct parts to reality. The physical and nonphysical. Our bodies are physical and all we see with our eyes. On a deeper level behind that is the nonphysical. For example, our brains are physical, yet our minds are nonphysical. The physical universe is temporary. The nonphysical universe is indestructible yet ever-changing. Many call this Heaven. They would be correct.

Behind the nonphysical is an energy that is meant to be shaped by the power of thought and intention. There are two parts to every one of us. The physical and nonphysical at once. The energy behind the energies are meant to be shaped into anything that we want it to be on the nonphysical level. For example: people do not die. They simply separate from the physical body and everything else remains intact, and that includes our emotions and personality. Essentially, our spirit or our soul is us. It is not something that is inside of us nor something that can be taken away. It is who we are. It is our personality, thoughts and feelings. It is nurtured (the original and first principal) by a natural energy on the nonphysical side that is used consciously by spirits, meaning people without physical body and subconsciously by all of us who are living at the present time. Our physical bodies are animated by our spirit or soul.

This energy is shaped by thought and command. And it is we who command the energy in order to create what we wish to create. It is not as complicated as it sounds. It also is completely natural. This energy exists everywhere. After we pass on, being on the other side, we use this energy in order to do many things like shape and change our appearance, create and add to the non-physical environment (Heaven), We actually build nonphysical homes using this energy with our minds and so much more. People who have passed on change their appearance in order to look the way they want to appear to other spirits and also when they come into contact with human beings, usually in the dream state or to communicate with us. What spirits appear to wear such as clothing is actually generated energy. It is easy for spirits to create living environments like homes, energy shaped like food of choice, the ability to move quickly from one place to another and so much more. This energy does not exist in small amounts, it is actually everywhere. Why would spirits create food out of nonphysical energies? To nourish the mind and also for social reasons. We do not really change that much when we die. Spirits are very social beings.

Living people use this energy as well, mostly on subconscious levels for many reasons as well including gathering intuition and ideas, nonverbal communications between people, even spirits and it also animates the body and all that is physical in our universe. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. This energy flows into us 24 hours a day whether we are aware of it or not. And it can be used to do many things including creating protection systems to keep away negative energy, negative thoughts from other people and even negative thoughts and energies from negative spirits who wish to influence us. Our spirit guides and good spirits which make up the highest percentage of all spirits we need not worry about. Just like we have criminals in our physical world, there are spirits with bad intentions that wish to influence us for sometimes very frivolous reasons. Just ask any career criminal why they do what what they do and although people may disagree, sometimes criminals do not understand and are even perplexed by their own answers. The same is true of negative spirits. The reasons for trying to influence and attack human beings are usually very petty and egotistical. In Part 1, I wrote about how negative spirits attempt to influence our daily lives and also what we write and how we think, usually without us having a clue as to what might be behind us unseen.

Too often we let our anger run wild without thinking about the consequences. There are people and spirits that are not powerful, yet without protection and discernment we can easily become victims of them. Hatred and prejudice begins deep in the mind and eventually makes its way out into feelings, what we write and what we say. But there is a way to protect ourselves and make sure that our thoughts and feelings are not influenced by others. We can use this energy that permeates all that there is by shaping this energy into positive and constructive assertion. We simply need to learn how to shape the energy. We shape the energy by thought and visualization which acts very differently on a nonphysical level. Shaping energy is actually very easy and we do it every day on a subconscious level. Here are a few simple lessons to make that happen. No experience necessary.

1. Since our thoughts create things in nonphysical reality environments, visualize this energy coming up through your body's energy fields and visualize a bright sun, any color you like surrounding your entire body. It is important to understand that in order for this to work properly you must generate and visualize this from the inside out and not to visualize from the outside in. You must be in the center of the energy that you visualize. Many misconceptions of visualizations have been written about in books throughout the ages. All that is corrected here. Next you want to give the energy a silent command which actually shapes the energy into what you want to accomplish. Our thoughts are very powerful, more powerful than we know and understand on a conscious level. So to shape the energy for protection from all things negative, give the energy a silent command that you are creating this bright sun around you in order to protect you from anything negative. Essentially, thinking it into existence on a nonphysical level. Since our emotions are nonphysical and spirits emotions are nonphysical, it works. It sounds simple and it is simple, yet immensely powerful and very real. This is how spirits do it. You shape energy by command and visualization. Know that this energy is flowing through you naturally anyway, essentially looking for something to do and is mostly wasted. By shaping this energy into a bright sun through visualization and command, it creates a field around you that will strengthen your thoughts, feelings and push away negative energies that are generated by other people, negative events in and around our world that have an effect upon us and even negative spirits and people that seek to influence us.

2. You can do many things at once with this energy that is everywhere in the universe. Next, visualize a mirror around you on the outside of the sun shield. Give it a silent command to return any negative energy from anyone and anything back to the source. Understand that you are not attacking others by doing this, you are just sending negative energy back to where it came from. This is your right as a living being and spirit. To protect yourself. When people are thinking or dreaming about you, they really do not know that they are sending you energy for good or for ill. Most of the time, but not always. Sometimes it is very very deliberate. And so by creating a mirror shield that only reflects back to the source negative emotional energies with charges, you short-circuit the attack, like a laser beam of emotional thought turning back on itself, essentially nullifying the connection on an emotional level.

Most emotional attacks are subconscious but not all and they can be very effective at influencing our emotions, everything that we read and everything that we hear or see visually. When creating the mirror shield, you are not putting yourself in an emotionally closed bubble. You are merely filtering out negative emotional energies from other sources that are not good for you. Positive energies from other people and also spirits will still reach your body's energy fields and your mind. So you are not enclosing yourself in any kind of energy lock. You are simply filtering out negative emotional energies that you do not need and do not want and are not good for you. By your desires and motivations, you will determine what is good for you and what is not good for you. The freedom of choice. You determine what energies you need and energies you do not need and these choices are made on several different levels. This is a natural process and easily constructed.

3. Some simple things you can do to make your environments more powerful. Never underestimate the power of beauty and lights. Never underestimate the power of sound and music. Negative spirits and some people hate beautiful and kind thoughts because negative spirits and some people are unhappy and angry. The same is true of people with flashes of temporary anger. Do simple things such as putting up some beautiful lighting systems in your living and working environments. Simple lights that are white or colored can have a profound effect upon not only your feelings, thoughts and moods but are also a powerful and effective show of force on a telepathic level to others. Telepathic simply means nonverbal communication. Putting up simple lights that have meaning to you need not be expensive and should be placed not only on the inside of one's home or work environment but also facing the outside and not only at holiday times. Make it an every day and night reality. It works.

What we think of as sound really starts out as thought impulse. Playing your favorite music, listening to songs that you like and playing them in your environments can also have a profound effect upon your moods and feelings and also send a very strong signal to anyone and anything (Spirits), that you wish to be happy and our happy. It does not matter if the music is loud or soft and it does not matter what kind of music it is. Even ambient sounds such as water or thunderstorms, nature sounds all work to this powerful conclusion. Whether country music, classic rock or even heavy metal, your intention for listening to it is what is important. Negative people and negative spirits are terrified of happiness and your happiness will be their undoing. It is not only the sounds but the thoughts behind the sounds and the reason for the sounds that have such a profound effect upon not only yourself but stopping negativity produced from other people and negative spirits in their tracks.

Bad Spirits on the Internet

Part 3 - The Mission of Starclear

I was born on September 29th 1959 with a hefty dose of psychic ability. What is psychic ability? Perception. Nothing more, nothing less. Everybody has some. It is natural to our system. After serving in the United States Air Force, I started to study comparative religions, the nature of good and evil, the history of spirit communication and protection systems and much more. I spent almost 10 years doing this at night while working in the daytime for various companies. I did not study one particular philosophy or belief system as I knew better. I studied everything I could get my hands on in the reference sections of libraries and universities.

During this time and long before, I had some very interesting, what some people would call supernatural experiences. They started early on in life including an alien visitation when I was just four years old. As a young child, I was able to see spirits (both good and bad) although I did not know what they were at the time. I was highly sensitive to emotional energy in school classrooms growing up, maybe too sensitive as I was very uncomfortable in school. I reported these things to my teachers but they became uncomfortable even listening to it. Fortunately, I had good parents and they understood because I had so many experiences including being able to tell my mother what time and day telephone calls would come precisely to the minute and who the telephone calls would come from. I was always correct. She found it useful she said to me later on in her life. I knew when trouble was coming and a warning thought went off in my head during early school and high school. That came in handy, not only for me but for others, because during the 1970s we were always into something.

Although I had many friends in high school, I kept most of my thoughts and visions to myself as I learned early on in life that it made many people including my friends highly uncomfortable. It was like something out of the twilight zone. I made no mention of it in the Air Force. That would have been a disaster for me. Fortunately, I spent most of my Air Force career at the areas as they are known at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Being close to the alien stuff was very exciting to me, although I did not work at area 51 or on alien craft, crashed or otherwise. I learned much and there are a lot of areas though. But I always seemed to be attracted to all things outer space and alien and to this day I thank the United States Air Force for keeping me close to such exciting places. I have never publicly during television or radio interviews ever spoken about these adventures in the Air Force as they are a security issue and also very personal to me. It was just a small part of my unusual life.

In 1990, after studying all things scientific and spiritual, both the good and the bad, I came across a group of very good people that were studying and participating in spirit communications. All of them had day jobs and got together once a week. Two of these people had some problems with their living environments and tried in vain to get rid of the problems. They asked me if I would take a shot at it, even though I had never done this before. I seemed to know inherently what to do and I was successful at clearing their environments of negative spirits and negative energy. They were highly intelligent people with great jobs and were really astounded that I could get rid of something so quickly that they could not.
So was I.

I was not even sure what I was doing, but I did it anyway. It seemed to be second nature to me. They recommended that I take it to the public in order to help others. I put a small ad in the local newspaper that really did not go anywhere. Not with the public anyway. But the newspaper itself found it to be very interesting and asked if they could do an article. I told them everything that I knew and wanted to do and I was very nervous taking a picture for the very first time for a newspaper. It would not be the last time, but only the beginning.

That led to more work. The article was long and I had a lot to say. It seems that people were listening to my concepts and experiences. I was surprised. Not long after that, the only national television show about anything psychic or supernatural that was on, a television show called: 'SIGHTINGS' - contacted me and asked if I was working on any interesting projects. I was. Three young professional women in their early 20s, and living in a condominium had a very scary situation going on. When they slept in their beds, they would wake up with an indentation in the bed next to where they were sleeping and a feeling of something holding onto them. It was a three bedroom condominium and it was happening in every bedroom. They saw shadows pass behind the shower curtains when they were taking showers. I had decided to keep the very small advertisement up in the local newspaper and even put a little bit of money down on an advertisement in the Yellow Pages. It was an investment that went someplace. Without giving specific information, I informed the producer in Hollywood for - 'SIGHTINGS', that I was going to be clearing the condominium in a few days. They wanted to film it. But because of my own confidentiality clause that I had simply created to protect anyone and everyone, I had to ask for permission from the three young women. They said they could not wait for any camera crews from Hollywood. The problem was that severe.

This only intrigued the film production crew even more and with the women's permission, they contacted them directly and offered to put them in hotels for several days until the camera crew could arrive from Hollywood. I was not to have any more communication with the three young women. It had to be genuine for everyone's sake. I understood this. I had accomplished clearings before this yet I had never been on national television before or any kind of television. I was very shy in those early days and only looking forward to helping the women but terrified of the television cameras. I was not used to the attention. The television crew flew into town and everything was set for that Saturday. I was so nervous I could not even sleep. Not about the clearing, just the filming and being on national television. So that Saturday I drove out to the condominium and met the women for the first time. The actual filming took about 12 hours because there were interviews to be done, specific lighting and camera shots that I knew nothing about. The camera crew did not interfere in the clearing and simply followed me while I worked. I was tired but determined to help these women regardless of the filming and camera crew. It was a complete success. Although I was sweating a little bit because of the heat of the summer and my first time being videotaped, I accomplished the clearing and the problem disappeared forever. The three young ladies and the television show were very happy with me. I did feel a sense of accomplishment.

It led to more work immediately. Along with more work, it led to more television appearances and also many guest appearances on radio shows. My first foray into being in a radio station studio was not what I expected. I was not taken seriously and I was laughed at by the show hosts and the disc jockeys. It really was not their fault. After all, the concepts that I was presenting were new. A different take on what used to be considered spirituality or metaphysical, I presented everything as a science, a nonphysical science.

It was certainly humiliating going into my local radio stations and hearing them giggle and smirk right to my face. After all, these were radio stations and shows that I grew up listening to and to their music since I was a kid. I decided the best way to approach this was to answer their questions as quickly as possible and then speak directly to the audience listening out there live. I knew that everybody had experienced some strange event in their lives that they could not explain. And sometimes I would say that very line. The phone boards would light up and the radio show hosts would stop laughing realizing that the thousands of people that were listening, their audience that they depended on were not laughing. Slowly I got used to being in the radio studios and appearing on television. It was not easy. Stage fright turned into determination to get my concepts across in order to help others.

The Mission of Starclear:

In 1997, about five years after creating Starclear, I was approached by a spirit that had never contacted me before. This happened while I was walking along the shores of Lake Michigan, near where I lived. I heard a clear loud voice while also seeing this unknown spirit very clearly, a question was put to me: "Do you want to join a group of spirits and aliens that are tasked with helping other people in need? It is necessary for this to be for the rest of your life. We will give you three days to make that decision. Think carefully."

I did. I took what was offered to me as an opportunity to help people yet I was also concerned about the concept of essentially not being able to get out of it. It truly was a one-way street and I knew it.

And I did think about it for three days. What was the hurry I thought. Take the advice and think about the implications of a lifelong project. What would it mean for me and what kind of changes would occur in my life? Because my life was full of psychic everything and so many unusual things happening to me, almost on a regular basis, I decided to go for it. After all, I felt that I had much to learn and my desire to help other people was so strong in my life. Why not get some extra help? And three days later the same spirit approached me again, probably knowing my answer already, yet it was important that I verbalize it to the spirit and all those behind the spirit who were listening and waiting. I could feel them. It seemed like hundreds and probably more. I gave my answer by the shores of Lake Michigan and I felt right about it. That afternoon, I felt and saw a huge gathering of spirits around me, a huge variety of life forms. A ritual was occurring. This very large group requested that I repeat some words and phrases and then a very shiny and beautiful sword was presented to me on a nonphysical level. They said I would need this. They were right. The ritual did not take long, maybe about five minutes. But I felt very different after it was completed. I felt stronger and I felt the transference of knowledge begin to take shape in my mind. And then they all disappeared at once after it was over.

Almost as if it was part of the rituals ending, I was immediately attacked by a negative and very powerful spirit. It scared the hell out of me. I did not know what to do and so I used the sword I had just been given. I fought this being with everything that I had. It worked and the spirit went away. I have always believed that it was part of the ritual yet the spirit was no friend to anyone. It was just something that was meant to be. A glimpse of the future of becoming an Exorcist and clearing expert.

Things changed dramatically after that. More work came my way, many more radio show appearances and television appearances. I still was not yet comfortable with the television appearances but I felt that they needed to be done in order to explain and demonstrate not only my concepts, but now the concepts of a much larger group that cared very much for the human race and all life forms here on earth and other places and planets as well. Information came to me rather quickly, how to clear people properly, how to clear property and more and with it came many people who needed help and I provided that help now knowing that it was my destiny and also knowing that I couldn't get out of it anyway. I was okay with that.

So I spent several years appearing on radio shows and some television shows, developing my work and practicing and practicing some more while working for individuals, families and businesses in order to be able to be even more effective at helping people. It slowly all worked out.

Fast forward to 2004. One of the local large radio stations which I had appeared on before in their studio a couple of times, held a contest for businesses that felt that they had negative energy or something negative going on and the winner or most problematic would receive my services with the radio show broadcasting it live. I thought it would probably be some kind of factory, office or something that I was used to but it turned out to be a gourmet bakery that just had some negative energy problems as it was in an old building. It was kind of uneventful really but I carried out the clearing successfully on the air and then went home.

Something I Cannot Completely Explain:

On the night of that radio show, I was sitting in my living room watching television when I heard a clear loud voice in my head asking me to go outside and rededicate myself to my work. It had now been seven years since I joined this group of spirits and aliens and I felt it was just an affirmation. I was wrong. After going outside and doing just that, I went back inside and sat down. Then something incredible happened. I was literally thrown off my couch and up into the air. I lived in a lower flat that was once a store which was good for clients and had a high ceiling. And now I was in mid air and I was unable to move. I did not know that such a thing could happen on a physical level. I was not on any kind of drugs nor was I intoxicated in any way. I was completely sober and very awake. But I was unable to move, not even my eyes. I felt very helpless. I felt terrified. All at once three things happened while I was held up in the air by some force.

1. I felt a strong wind behind my back and something pressing into my back, yet nothing was moving in my home, not even a piece of paper.

2. Out of the corner of my eye I perceived a very large book and the pages started turning fast by themselves. It was not written in any language that I had ever seen. It was mostly symbols with some writing with the pages turning over and over quickly. It had to be thousands of pages long.

3. I heard a clear male voice speaking in a language I did not understand yet somehow I thought that it related to the book. It was a strong voice but I cannot tell you what the voice was saying. I just felt that it was part of the large book. I was still in mid air and I was completely unable to move even my eyes. I was absolutely terrified. I was not sure if I was dying. Whatever was happening it seemed to produce a lot of pressure on my body and mind and it was not comfortable. I was sweating profusely. I suddenly remembered that back in the 1990s I would do experiments where I would try to turn my vision around while facing straight ahead. Why this came to me then I do not know, but I did want to see what was behind me and applying so much pressure to my back. Where was this wind coming from? And so I did that. What I saw was a shiny white hand with very long fingers and some kind of white robe that extended to the wrist. The hand was pushing something like a CD into my back. Having had so many unusual experiences before, yet nothing so physical, I knew that the CD was simply symbolic and something that I could understand. I knew that information and knowledge was being downloaded into me. I could feel it and sense it. This went on for about 10 or 15 minutes. I just could not take it any more and yelled out for whomever it was to stop. It did. I was released and fell to the carpet of my living room.

I was really happy that I had carpet. I was not injured. But I was extremely shaken and I went into my small office that was actually a second bedroom. I put the front page of CNN on the computer but I was shaking so bad I could not read the words. About 30 minutes later I felt a strange euphoria come over me. And I am not used to euphoria. I'm actually very even-tempered and do not believe that everything is wonderful or terrible but somewhere in between. I knew then that I was not dying, that it was my spirit guides or something else implanting the knowledge and power to be able to carry out a mission. I suddenly knew right then and there so much more about exorcism, spirits and how to clear people and property. It was immediate. I also knew that there was much more information inside of me yet to come out in the future. All these thoughts happened at once. I took a shower and I felt good. Really good. Almost too good. I was not used to feeling so good. The next morning I had a client which was not unusual and I simply breezed right through it and helped this young man so easily. He felt a lot better.

About a week later I was working on a female client in my home and suddenly I felt hands and arms flow through my own hands and arms and into my client. I became concerned immediately that I might be under attack. I was not. A clear voice again came into my mind explaining that I needed to learn the precise nuances of clearing and that I was not doing it quite properly. I also knew that it was an alien. I not only felt that but I turned my mind around as I hesitantly continued the clearing and I saw another planet. I could see inside of some kind of office and a city in the distance. I could also see flying vehicles. The planet had an orange atmosphere. I learned very much from this alien and to this day we have a strong working relationship. I simply call him 'The Doctor.' It is possibly a term of endearment but also from respect and gratitude of teaching me so much in the pursuit of helping my fellow human beings as well as animals. I cannot pronounce his name anyway.

Well, that is the very short version and there is so much more. But I wrote this to tell you that Starclear, the name of my business and the meaning of my work is really a mission set forth by others on a higher level. And I am very happy to be a part of this excellent group and I am honored to be able to use my talents in the pursuit of helping others.

There is no greater gift that I could have been given then the ability to help my fellow human beings.

Bad Spirits on the Internet

Part 4 - Modern Communication

No one reading this will personally remember the beginning of the telephone. It was new, exciting and scary all at once. Some people did not believe it would stay around and some thought it was evil. But for the most part, people loved it.
Now they could talk to the neighbors, family and friends, even engaging in commerce by purchasing and ordering goods and services. When the system became large enough, we had the party line because we had to share due to the technology. And people did. But we never knew who was listening on the other end and many television shows and movies have referenced this livable reality and the apprehension and inconvenience.

We like to know who we are talking to and only who we are talking to. That is simply security and human nature. It is privacy. And we like and should like our privacy.

In the late 1990s, along came Internet technology. While working for myself by helping others with Starclear at night and on Weekends, I went to work for an early Internet company. At that time the speed was a painfully slow 4.5 kB per second. Sometimes it would take a minute or so for one picture to come down the screen. Sometimes longer. But most of us saw the potential very quickly. The ability to contact friends, family and companies through email. (As soon as everybody had it anyway). The ability to at least get some information on topics and places. There was not much out there at the time, but it was better than before. The service industries soon wisely latched onto this astounding new technology. Soon simple menus would be available with contact information for ordering, usually a telephone number. Still, if you were going to order something like food, it was nice to see the menu first. If you had to contact a company that you were doing business with such as your telephone or power provider, banks etc., they would probably write you back.

Customer service literally exploded at the time. Trading on the stock market from your home computer became available within two years. I know, I was doing some day-trading successfully. Soon more people than not had some access to the Internet. At the Internet company I worked for several years at the beginning of the Internet itself, my job was to get people connected and they were very excited about it. I was too. It only took a telephone line cord hooked up to a computer. I absolutely loved hooking people up to the Internet for the very first time from the comfort of my office. It was just as exciting for me as it was for them. Contrary to some popular belief at the time, senior citizens were some of my best customers as they so looked forward to the ability to speak with their families through the Internet email.

Next chat systems, Internet dating, social media, all the news you could possibly want at your fingertips, airline, hotels and just about any kind of reservation you needed all came very quickly. Too quickly? Not at all. Right on time. The very first thing I learned at the beginning of the Internet while working at the Internet company was the simple lesson that the Internet was nothing more than a group of computers hooked together. And I saw the negative and positive side of this right away. The owner of the Internet company wrote the manual for the company and it was the very first line of the very first paragraph. Yes, the Internet is nothing more than a group of computers hooked together. And that meant that everybody had access to your living room, office, bedroom and wherever else you might have a computer and/or access to the Internet.

We all know the positive side of the Internet and how it can be useful in our daily lives. After all, it is not going anywhere and neither are we. (Hopefully). There is just better technology and more gadgets to go with the Internet. This is a good thing. I myself love technology and designed my first security system with the help of a special kit from Radio Shack which I modified so that my parents could not catch me watching the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I was only about eight years old at the time. It worked. And so in writing this part, I do not want to focus on the countless positives of the Internet. We do need it and it's here to stay.

But here are some of the problems and how it relates to what I do.

We simply do not always know who we are talking to, especially through written communication on the Internet, much like the party line telephone issues long ago. Criminals use the Internet to prey on people financially, socially and in other ways. Like-minded people that we have never met and never will, and never would have crossed paths before the Internet, can suddenly become part of our collective and personal thinking. Information, ideas and concepts that are not necessarily true flow through our systems daily. Individuals stealing other's identities and more abound. Artificial Intelligence. Children coming into contact with ideas, pictures, videos that are simply not good for them because they are too young to understand the real meaning. Really no one has ever had access to so many things all at once. It did not take long and much time for the ugly side of the Internet to affect and activate the darker side of ourselves. No one is completely immune to this but I think most people have always had a pretty good grip on it. But most people are not enough. Some people can be easily swayed and the Internet was many people's first library card. Instead of studying many ideas and concepts on one topic or idea, too many put their faith in only what they wanted to hear.

Being a psychic person that specializes in the clearing of negative emotional energies, understanding the origin of negative energies, how they work in the mind, where they come from, how they affect people and the method of transference to others is simply my specialty and has been for over 34 years. The universal concept of both positive and negative spirits also comes into play in the amplification and connection of emotions that written, spoken words, pictures, video and ideas are charged with.

Having had such an unusual life, being born with psychic ability, psychic ability being nothing more than perception and also nothing less, the nonphysical power of words, ideas and thoughts take on a very different unseen reality.

A longer explanation of what the H... I am talking about.

So what does 'charged' mean?

In my work with thousands of people over the decades I have come to believe that the very thoughts that we think, every word that we say all have a nonphysical emotional energy charge to it. And these energies can even be visual to the minds eye, but usually not. But anyone and everyone can feel them and we do pay attention to these feelings that come from thoughts, sounds, visuals and words. The physical is simply the outer layer of everything that we see. The nonphysical is everything else. That is the very short explanation.

When we are thinking about other people we are actually sending them emotional energies, whether consciously or sub-consciously, deliberately or not deliberately, because each one of our thoughts, each one of our written words, every video or picture that we see contains an energetic emotional charge for good or for ill. They can and do affect us on a number of different levels. What we read and see can affect us emotionally or even physically. This is beyond just our own reaction. This is really about the emotional charge that goes along with communication itself.

Now all of this is quite natural. But again, I am not talking about the positive side of communication, but only the negative implications and effects of it. Why? In order to stop this from happening. How? By understanding and teaching how and why all thoughts carry an energy to them which is not visible and how everyone can easily and naturally protect themselves, and actually must protect themselves in today's modern society, from negative and harmful charged thoughts that come from other people and spirits with bad intentions.

We all know that other people can affect us on an emotional level. But because ideas carry a nonphysical energy charge to them, it can affect us in ways which we do not normally perceive and expect. The negative charge must be filtered out and blocked naturally and easily through scientific methods that make sense on every level practically and without prejudice of foregone conclusions. The amount of these negatively emotionally charged energetic particles of nonphysical substance has reached a level never before imagined on our planet. We are literally being bombarded by not only negative and positive thoughts, as we do not see the energy charges that come along with it. And so they enter into our minds and energy fields with very little deflection. The too simple yet correct answer of course is to gently control our own thoughts, what we say and how we think about our fellow human beings.

But we as a human race are not there yet.

For now, until we gain control of our inner thoughts, not in any constrictive or restrictive way, but to simply choose to be assertive and not ugly towards each other. It can be done. The immediate answer is for us to protect ourselves from the onslaught of negative emotional energies that are being sent to us wholesale through many mediums including the Internet, television, telephone and all communication systems. We can protect ourselves and it is easy. It is just not taught in our school systems because this also is new technology, meaning the techniques to literally stop the onslaught of negative emotional energies entering into our body's energy fields at any given time.

So what are spirits and how do they affect us?

Spirits are simply beings that do not have physical bodies. There are many kinds of spirits. Most are good, some are not. Just like people. Talking about the good ones is for another time and subject. Negative spirits are like criminals. They think like the criminals that we have in our physical world. Some of them are also just mentally unbalanced. Some of them are just angry. Is easier to understand that angry spirits exist and spirits have their own reasons for having their own problems like we do. It should not be our concern, but unfortunately because we cannot see the nonphysical world ordinarily, at least not yet, it is imperative that we know that we also are under attack at various times from thinking beings that we do not see. This is not the stuff of science fiction. Most religions, most spiritual belief systems, even personal belief systems have entertained the concept of what happens to us after we die. Again, the short answer: Essentially Nothing. The physical body separates from our personality, also known as the spirit and that's about all. The idea of heaven or the other side or whatever you want to call it is yet another topic for another conversation some other time. A long essay for sure.

I believe that we not only have to look out for negative emotional energies sent by other living beings meaning us, which are usually subconscious but sometimes can be very deliberate, we also have to look out for those we cannot see or perceive. Because of this unseen player in the game of communication, spirits with bad intentions can and do deliberately affect and amplify our emotions and how we feel about ourselves, others and the world around us. And the goal of negative spirits are to usually cause havoc in our world. And unfortunately we are easy prey.

Positive spirits, most commonly affect us on positive levels and in many ways. Negative spirits on the other hand, although far less in numbers, still reach into the billions. There are many galaxies, solar systems and planets out there that support life regardless of what one might read in the news or scientific journals. It's okay to hazard a guess, but we are certainly not getting all the information from our governments as to what they even know. And we cannot wait for them to tell us the little bit they do know or understand. But this is not a conspiracy article. We all know that things are hidden from us, usually for really dumb reasons like fear and control. I think it is more important to act upon the sensibilities of what probably exist and some people know exist. The methods of protection are the same anyway. There is not much difference between a living person and a spirit and it does not matter where that spirit or even alien comes from. Like I said earlier, there are many kinds of spirits and aliens that come from many different places. It's a big universe out there.

Let's assume for a moment that we are not alone, some of the basic core principles of many religions and individuals being correct, we do go on after we die and there are thinking people on the other side as well. We don't turn into sludge or dust and all things nonphysical include our personalities, our emotions and more. Essentially, I am saying that our spirits, also known as our souls, are really just us. That includes our personalities, our feelings, our emotional problems, (sorry for that bad news), also the good part of ourselves and so much more. Physical bodies come and go. They only last so long like an automobile. But our personalities are indestructible and they were created that way.

Created by what or whom? Does it matter? It certainly is lofty thinking and we can talk about it for years and even centuries. But suspend your disbelief for just the duration of my writing and consider the concept that we wholly and fully go on after we pass on physically. It is a comforting thought and one that I believe is true. This comes from my own experiences far more than it does from anything that I have studied or heard from others. It has simply been my experience.

The problem is is that negative spirits are angry spirits. They are not stupid and they are perceptive. We are perceptive. But their thoughts also carry charges of energy and this can be dangerous because we cannot see them coming. Spirits with bad intentions deliberately like to affect people on emotional levels. There are many reasons for this, too many to list here. Every spirit is different like every person is different. Everyone has their own motivations. Positive motivations, not a problem. Negative motivations, a problem. A bigger problem in our world and on our Internet than we could ever imagine.
What we think about people, how we communicate with others, every thought that we think, every word that we say, every picture and video that we upload or that was uploaded to the Internet, can carry more emotional energy charges than we believe and accept as known science.

So now too many people are busy hating each other thinking that this is natural and the right way to go. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is not natural to hate innocent people. It is not natural to spit that out on social media platforms, tweets (X), political and religious conversations and debates, no matter how much we think that it feels right at this time in our human history. It is not right and it is doing us all much damage on many levels. Our children are not prepared for it. How could a child be prepared for an onslaught of violent images and thoughts. How could an adult be prepared for such things as well?

Lies and misinformation abound way too easily with the justification being profit, control or even fame. Can we change this? It is probably not going to happen in the near future. Don't hold your breath.

Yet there is no reason to be a victim when we can protect ourselves through simple energetic techniques that filter out negative emotional energies being sent by other people and sometimes also by spirits. This is what my life's work is all about.

These big problems can affect anybody and everybody. No one is quite immune to the minds of others including people and spirits. Fortunately, the same techniques and methods that work if taught properly to protect ourselves from negativity from other people, also work on spirits. Why? Because We are spirits with physical bodies. We can choose to be victims or we can fight back against negativity in our societies and in ourselves. Not someday in the future, but right now.

It is time to learn these very strong yet simple techniques and methods to protect ourselves without the argument of religious or political differences. This is simply science. Nonphysical science. Just as real as physical science and also very easy to understand if taught properly. We do not have time to wait nor time to waste. Our sometimes traditional and sometimes progressive society is falling apart and we all know it.

It does not have to be this way. Some people will always be negative and have ugly thoughts and spray them out into the world. But we need not be affected by this and we can protect ourselves and the children of the world right now.
We have to. We have no choice if we are to succeed as a society.

Jeffrey Seelman - August 2023

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