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Jeffrey Seelman is a professional psychic, author, clearing expert, teacher and exorcist. Jeffrey was born with psychic ability which really helps him accomplish his work. Jeffrey has appeared on many national television shows, local news reports, local and national radio shows including 12 appearances on Coast To Coast with George Noory, the latest guest appearance being on March 19th 2024. Jeffrey is also appeared on the SY-FY Channel television show SIGHTINGS, 13 Most Shocking Hollywood Curses and other national television shows. Jeffrey currently lives in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Jeffrey has also made guest appearances on hundreds of radio shows, newspaper and articles around the world.

A Short Biography
Of Jeffrey Seelman

I was born on September 29th 1959 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I was very sensitive and could actually see emotional energies around me and sometimes even spirits, although I did not know what they were at the time. That did cause some difficulties in my early school years as I thought everybody could see these things. My sensitivity to emotional energies and my ability to even see spirits would later prove to be very beneficial in helping others.

After serving in the United States Air Force, 1982 I began to study comparative religions, many different philosophies of negative emotional energies, clearing techniques, spirits, spirit communication, the nature of good and evil, exorcism, haunted houses case histories in properties and businesses and how it has affected our world in the past and present.

In 1992, I decided to bring my talents and knowledge to the public and offer my services which include clearing individuals of negative emotional energy and negative stress that has accumulated in their body's energy fields, which is quite normal but not a good thing to have in our systems, the clearing of property including homes, apartments and businesses, teaching individuals how to protect themselves through easy to learn and practice yet very effective techniques and even to learn how to release their own negative emotional energies. Besides in person work, I teach through Telephone, Skype and Zoom.

A More Detailed Background

What is psychic ability? Perception. Nothing more, nothing less. Everybody has some. It is natural to our system. After serving in the United States Air Force, I started to study comparative religions, the nature of good and evil, the history of spirit communication and protection systems and much more. I spent almost 10 years doing this at night while working in the daytime for various companies. I did not study one particular philosophy or belief system as I knew better. I studied everything I could get my hands on in the reference sections of libraries and universities.

During this time and long before, I had some very interesting, what some people would call supernatural experiences. They started early on in life including an alien visitation when I was just four years old. As a young child, I was able to see spirits (both good and bad) although I did not know what they were at the time. I was highly sensitive to emotional energy in school classrooms growing up, maybe too sensitive as I was very uncomfortable in school. I reported these things to my teachers but they became uncomfortable even listening to it. Fortunately, I had good parents and they understood because I had so many experiences including being able to tell my mother what time and day telephone calls would come precisely to the minute and who the telephone calls would come from. I was always correct. She found it useful she said to me later on in her life. I knew when trouble was coming and a warning thought went off in my head during early school and high school. That came in handy, not only for me but for others, because during the 1970s we were always into something.

Although I had many friends in high school, I kept most of my thoughts and visions to myself as I learned early on in life that it made many people including my friends highly uncomfortable. It was like something out of the twilight zone. I made no mention of it in the Air Force. That would have been a disaster for me. Fortunately, I spent most of my Air Force career at the areas as they are known at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Being close to the alien stuff was very exciting to me, although I did not work at area 51 or on alien craft, crashed or otherwise. I learned much and there are a lot of areas though. But I always seemed to be attracted to all things outer space and alien and to this day I thank the United States Air Force for keeping me close to such exciting places. I have never publicly during television or radio interviews ever spoken about these adventures in the Air Force as they are a security issue and also very personal to me. It was just a small part of my unusual life.

In 1990, after studying all things scientific and spiritual, both the good and the bad, I came across a group of very good people that were studying and participating in spirit communications. All of them had day jobs and got together once a week. Two of these people had some problems with their living environments and tried in vain to get rid of the problems. They asked me if I would take a shot at it, even though I had never done this before. I seemed to know inherently what to do and I was successful at clearing their environments of negative spirits and negative energy. They were highly intelligent people with great jobs and were really astounded that I could get rid of something so quickly that they could not. So was I.

I was not even sure what I was doing, but I did it anyway. It seemed to be second nature to me. They recommended that I take it to the public in order to help others. I put a small ad in the local newspaper that really did not go anywhere. Not with the public anyway. But the newspaper itself found it to be very interesting and asked if they could do an article. I told them everything that I knew and wanted to do and I was very nervous taking a picture for the very first time for a newspaper. It would not be the last time,
but only the beginning.

That led to more work. The article was long and I had a lot to say. It seems that people were listening to my concepts and experiences. I was surprised. Not long after that, the only national television show about anything psychic or supernatural that was on, a television show called: 'SIGHTINGS' - contacted me and asked if I was working on any interesting projects. I was. Three young professional women in their early 20s, and living in a condominium had a very scary situation going on. When they slept in their beds, they would wake up with an indentation in the bed next to where they were sleeping and a feeling of something holding onto them. It was a three bedroom condominium and it was happening in every bedroom. They saw shadows pass behind the shower curtains when they were taking showers.

I had decided to keep the very small advertisement up in the local newspaper and even put a little bit of money down on an advertisement in the Yellow Pages. It was an investment that went someplace. Without giving specific information, I informed the producer in Hollywood for - 'SIGHTINGS', that I was going to be clearing the condominium in a few days. They wanted to film it. But because of my own confidentiality clause that I had simply created to protect anyone and everyone, I had to ask for permission from the three young women. They said they could not wait for any camera crews from Hollywood. The problem was that severe.

This only intrigued the film production crew even more and with the women's permission, they contacted them directly and offered to put them in hotels for several days until the camera crew could arrive from Hollywood. I was not to have any more communication with the three young women. It had to be genuine for everyone's sake. I understood this. I had accomplished clearings before this yet I had never been on national television before or any kind of television. I was very shy in those early days and only looking forward to helping the women but terrified of the television cameras. I was not used to the attention. The television crew flew into town and everything was set for that Saturday. I was so nervous I could not even sleep. Not about the clearing, just the filming and being on national television. So that Saturday I drove out to the condominium and met the women for the first time. The actual filming took about 12 hours because there were interviews to be done, specific lighting and camera shots that I knew nothing about. The camera crew did not interfere in the clearing and simply followed me while I worked. I was tired but determined to help these women regardless of the filming and camera crew. It was a complete success. Although I was sweating a little bit because of the heat of the summer and my first time being videotaped, I accomplished the clearing and the problem disappeared forever. The three young ladies and the television show were very happy with me. I did feel a sense of accomplishment.

It led to more work immediately. Along with more work, it led to more television appearances and also many guest appearances on radio shows. My first foray into being in a radio station studio was not what I expected. I was not taken seriously and I was laughed at by the show hosts and the disc jockeys. It really was not their fault. After all, the concepts that I was presenting were new. A different take on what used to be considered spirituality or metaphysical, I presented everything as a science, a nonphysical science.

It was certainly humiliating going into my local radio stations and hearing them giggle and smirk right to my face. After all, these were radio stations and shows that I grew up listening to and to their music since I was a kid. I decided the best way to approach this was to answer their questions as quickly as possible and then speak directly to the audience listening out there live. I knew that everybody had experienced some strange event in their lives that they could not explain. And sometimes I would say that very line. The phone boards would light up and the radio show hosts would stop laughing realizing that the thousands of people that were listening, their audience that they depended on were not laughing. Slowly I got used to being in the radio studios and appearing on television. It was not easy. Stage fright turned into determination to get my concepts across in order to help others.

The Mission of Starclear:

In 1997, about five years after creating Starclear, I was approached by a spirit that had never contacted me before. This happened while I was walking along the shores of Lake Michigan, near where I lived. I heard a clear loud voice while also seeing this unknown spirit very clearly, a question was put to me: "Do you want to join a group of spirits and aliens that are tasked with helping other people in need? It is necessary for this to be for the rest of your life. We will give you three days to make that decision. Think carefully."

I did. I took what was offered to me as an opportunity to help people yet I was also concerned about the concept of essentially not being able to get out of it. It truly was a one-way street and I knew it.

And I did think about it for three days. What was the hurry I thought. Take the advice and think about the implications of a lifelong project. What would it mean for me and what kind of changes would occur in my life? Because my life was full of psychic everything and so many unusual things happening to me, almost on a regular basis, I decided to go for it. After all, I felt that I had much to learn and my desire to help other people was so strong in my life. Why not get some extra help? And three days later the same spirit approached me again, probably knowing my answer already, yet it was important that I verbalize it to the spirit and all those behind the spirit who were listening and waiting. I could feel them. It seemed like hundreds and probably more. I gave my answer by the shores of Lake Michigan and I felt right about it. That afternoon, I felt and saw a huge gathering of spirits around me, a huge variety of life forms. A ritual was occurring. This very large group requested that I repeat some words and phrases and then a very shiny and beautiful sword was presented to me on a nonphysical level. They said I would need this. They were right. The ritual did not take long, maybe about five minutes. But I felt very different after it was completed. I felt stronger and I felt the transference of knowledge begin to take shape in my mind. And then they all disappeared at once after it was over.

Almost as if it was part of the rituals ending, I was immediately attacked by a negative and very powerful spirit. It scared the hell out of me. I did not know what to do and so I used the sword I had just been given. I fought this being with everything that I had. It worked and the spirit went away. I have always believed that it was part of the ritual yet the spirit was no friend to anyone. It was just something that was meant to be. A glimpse of the future of becoming an Exorcist and clearing expert.

Things changed dramatically after that. More work came my way, many more radio show appearances and television appearances. I still was not yet comfortable with the television appearances but I felt that they needed to be done in order to explain and demonstrate not only my concepts, but now the concepts of a much larger group that cared very much for the human race and all life forms here on earth and other places and planets as well. Information came to me rather quickly, how to clear people properly, how to clear property and more and with it came many people who needed help and I provided that help now knowing that it was my destiny and also knowing that I couldn't get out of it anyway. I was okay with that.

So I spent several years appearing on radio shows and some television shows, developing my work and practicing and practicing some more while working for individuals, families and businesses in order to be able to be even more effective at helping people.

Starclear, the name of my business and the meaning of my work is really a mission set forth by others on a higher level. And I am very happy to be a part of this excellent group and I am honored to be able to use my talents in the pursuit of helping others.

There is no greater gift that I could have been given then the ability to help my fellow human beings.

Jeffrey Seelman

About Jeffrey Seelman
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