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Learn Personal Protection in 2 - 1 Hour Private Sessions with Jeffrey by Telephone, Zoom or Skype.

There is a reason why these 2 - 1 hour private session is one of my most popular choices with my clients. Sometimes it is better to learn how to protect yourself with an interactive session by telephone, Zoom or Skype. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, and learn how to protect yourself properly from all things negative. These sessions are very relaxed and informative and you will learn how to keep yourself safe. All sessions include a link to all of my audiobooks and audio lessons which are yours forever. You can download them or just click on them to listen.  Cost $125

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Distance Personal Clearing with Jeffrey

Distance is no barrier to good energy work. On a nonphysical level, the really is no such thing as distance anyway. For decades, I have been clearing individuals and property of negative emotional energies and even negative spirits when necessary. Our bodies can hold in a huge amount of emotional energies and negative emotional energies can cause stress and distress in our daily lives. A distance personal clearing with me is a 1 hour session. I usually spend about 15 minutes speaking with you on a personal level although you do not have to reveal anything that is too personal. That allows me to focus in on your energy fields for the duration of the 45 minutes standard adult clearing. Clearings are relaxing, and after speaking for about 15 minutes, I will have you lie down in your own environment, off-camera for your privacy and you will enjoy the benefits of having your body's energy fields cleared and I also dissolve negative connections to other people and anything else that may be causing difficulties.

The next day I write an email report or I can also speak to you on the telephone if you prefer in order to tell you what I found in your body's energy fields, what I did about it and any suggestions that I might have for you to be in the best condition possible in your life. Clearings are not emotional in any way and I have simply releasing charged emotional energies that are negative. Clearings actually feel great and are very relaxing. You will like them. I have worked on thousands of clients over the years and the results are amazing and so very positive.
1 Hour Clearing $75

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Extended Personal Clearings
with Jeffrey Seelman

The same great service at a reduced price for multiple clearings. Very often my clients feel that they may need more than one clearing. And so I offer 3 clearings for the price of 2 clearings in order to give everyone a break the price. You simply book the first session at the reduced price and then we schedule the second and third sessions as we go along according to your time schedule. Not everyone wants to schedule 3 sessions for the exact same day and time. And I do not charge anything for rescheduling and cancellations. Most of my clients are busy people and this is why I have a flexible schedule for you. $150 for 3 Sessions

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Distance Home Clearings

Home clearings are easily accomplished. Simply schedule a time that you would like to talk to me and text or email a picture of the outside of your home (some clients also like to send pictures of the inside of their home as well). The outside home picture is the most important for me to accomplish the goal of clearing your property and structure thoroughly until it is completely clear of negative emotional energy. Most living environments are not new construction and most of us really do not know who lived in our bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and any other room before we moved in. And so you may be living in someone else's emotional energy. That can cause many problems on both physical and nonphysical levels.

You really don't want to live in other people's emotional sweat, so to speak. Having your home cleared is the smart and easiest way to ensure that your vibrations and your family's vibrations are the only vibrations in your living environment. When I accomplish property clearings, I work over a period of several days in order to make sure that your living environment is fully clear and free from negative emotional energy from the past.

When you schedule a living environment with me, at the appointment time, we will go over all of this and I will answer all of your questions. You can also contact me anytime and I will be more than happy to explain to you exactly how I work. I do not do remote viewing and I am just clearing negative emotional energy out of your living environment. This means that your privacy is assured as I cannot see any physical objects or people. I am simply running a very positive and strong energy that feels good and has no negative effect on people or animals.

Just positive feelings while I am working and even more positive feelings after I'm finished. When I am done clearing, I will write you a report by email or you can call if you feel that is better for you and I will tell you what I found in your living environment, what I did about it and any suggestions that I might have to maintain that clarity.

All of my services include a link to all of my lessons and audiobooks for free and that is something that most of my clients feel really helps maintain clarity of their home and something that you can do on your own which is actually very easy to learn and practice and does not require any previous experience nor psychic ability. It is simply science. Nonphysical science.
  Cost $125

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Personal, Home and Business
Combination Clearings

It is very common for individuals to want personal clearings as well as living environment and business clearings. This ensures that you are is clear as possible and free from negative emotional energies as well as your living environment and working environment. This can include a personal and home clearing or a personal and business clearing. These can be scheduled directly on my online scheduling page. The personal clearing portion would be accomplished at the scheduled appointment time and that is also a good time to discuss the clearing of your living environment or business environment. I would begin the clearing of your living environment or your business environment after the personal clearing(s).

It is very common for people to want their entire family cleared including pets and children. I have been clearing families, children and pets for decades and I always get a very special price for multiple clearings. For the specialized clearings, it is best to contact me directly before scheduling so that I can manually schedule the clearings as this can be a bit complicated due to everyone's schedules. Very often I cleared children and night when they are sleeping so as not to alert them. Young children very often have no idea what clearings are about but it is completely within the parents right to have their children cleared very much like bringing them to the dentist or doctor. And I respect those rights.

Pets pick up more emotional energy than humans do sometimes and it is very common for me to clear any pets that you may have. Had clearings can be scheduled through my online scheduling system. Many people want clearings for the entire family and the home as well as the pets. This is best accomplished by contacting me so we can schedule everything correctly and I can also give you a very special price and discount. I work fast through pictures and Telephone, Skype or Zoom. Most times, in person clearings are impractical due to time constraints and distance. But since there is no barrier to good energy work through distance clearings, the system I have created for clearing works perfectly and in many respects is even better than in person work as I can take my time in order to achieve the best results of the clearing.

All services include a link to all of my audiobooks and my audio lessons and you are quite welcome to share these with those you care about. I designed them that way. (Prices Vary according to what you want cleared and how many people you want cleared, but special prices are always given and I think you'll find the price to be very fair and inexpensive.)

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Learn To Clear Living Environments.
Businesses and Individuals

Do you want to be able to clear your own home? You want to be able to clear other people's homes to be helpful order to start your own business? You want to learn how to move negative emotional energy out of environments and people? These are just a few of the questions I would ask individuals who want to learn how to do things for themselves and others. Our world today is full of negative emotional energy and is not getting any better. The need for good practitioners is out there. During the seven 1 our sessions, you will learn everything you need to know about clearing people and property. This includes in person clearings and distance clearings and all of this can be accomplished in your own home through telephone sessions as well as Zoom and Skype according to your preference.

Not everyone who takes this course is interested in starting a business. This course is also about the learning the ability to clear property and people including yourself. It is not necessary to have any psychic ability in order to learn how to do these things. This is all science and has nothing to do with metaphysical study nor religion. There are practical methods that I teach that work. It is easier to accomplish clearings of people and property than you might believe. It is just a matter of knowing how to do it. Because all of my sessions are informal and personal, you will find them to be very interactive and relaxing. Learning how to clear people and property is something that you can always use for the rest of your life. The ability to clear living environments and people is a really great skill to have. You'll always be able to keep anyplace that you live or work free from emotional energies that are negative.

You can clear your children or your friends. You can learn how to clear your pets. The advantages are limitless and all 7 courses are for a very fair price. $500 for everything. You schedule the first session and we schedule each session as we go along. There is a reason for this. You may decide that you want to change the day and time for each session according to your schedule and I have found that this works best by scheduling each session separately and the cost is final and there are no added costs of any kind. This course is one of my most popular and there is no experience needed. You do not have to have any psychic ability in order to learn how to clear people and property. Just have to know how to do it and that is what I teach. It's really a great course.
$500 for the complete 7 Session Course.

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Childrens Clearings

Anyone under the age of 14 qualifies for a children clearing. I usually cleared children a little bit differently than adults and I have done this thousands of times over the decades. As you probably are aware, children pick up a lot of emotional energies at school and at home. The also pick up emotional energy from other people and environments as we all do. Most children clearings are accomplished at night when they are sleeping as to not alert them in any way. I have found over the decades that most parents preferred this method. You can schedule the clearing for any particular time on my online scheduling page or with me directly by contacting me. We then talk about the best way to accomplish the clearing, including time and day etc. Then, usually while the children are asleep, I gently flush out negative emotional energies and dissolve negative connections. This will not interrupt their sleep and they will fill excellent in the morning. There is nothing harmful about clearing energy as I shape energy in order to release negative emotional energies, never positive energies and that has a relaxing effect upon anyone being cleared. Because children tend to pick up so much emotional energy so easily, this is recommended for them.

After the clearing or clearings are accomplished, I always write a report detailing what I found and what I did during the clearing and any suggestions that I may have. I always write the report to the parents and not the children although I do understand that many children have email addresses, I let the parents decide what if any information to give to their children. It is not always a good idea to let your children know that they have been cleared as they may not understand that they are too young or impressionable. The important thing is that they feel as good as possible, negative connections are dissolved and their energy fields are as clear as possible of negative emotional energy that they have picked up. $40 for 1/2 Hour which is a standard children's clearing time
. Children need less time to clear than adults do because the energies run quicker.

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Exorcisms and Possession

Although regular clearings and teaching sessions are the most common sessions that I do, I am also practicing exorcist and have performed more exorcisms than I care to count. Possession is actually not common, but it does happen. In exorcism is warranted when an attacking spirit has entered into the energy fields of a living person and remains there. It may also be necessary when there is a very strong connection between a negative spirit and a living person. Most attacks by spirits can be handled by a clearing or clearings depending on the severity. But sometimes the attacks are so strong that in exorcism has to be performed. In exorcisms essentially the separation of the attacking spirit from the living person and only when that happens can a person be truly free from this very misunderstood malady.

This is not something that you can schedule on my online scheduling system. I must determine whether or not a person is truly possessed and if in exorcism is warranted. This can be accomplished through distance work as well because there is really no such thing as distance on a physical level. It is actually more effective to accomplish the clearing through distance work as opposed to me coming to your home and staying there for days. It just does not make any sense.

It is easier to accomplish through several sessions of distance work. That way I can take my time, find out what is going on and why and because I have natural psychic abilities, I can see what I'm doing when it comes to the exorcism of a person or property. If a negative spirit is attacking a home or living environment, usually can be accomplished by a home clearing or a personal clearing. Exorcisms are reserved for the most severe cases when a clearing is simply not enough to accomplish the separation. If you think you need in exorcism for yourself, someone you care about or your property, please contact me directly so we can discuss what is the best course of action. Usually clearings will take care of the problem, and when they are too severe, and I will determine that as an exorcist, then an exorcism may be justified. Usually $400 but prices can vary. Always call first to discuss problem and solution.

A Note about All of My Services:

You may be wondering about distance clearings? Anybody would wonder? Do they work and why? During a distance clearing, I shape very strong positive energies that have a known effect upon negative energies including negative spirits of necessary, and flush out negative emotional energies and dissolve negative connections in individuals and flush out negative emotional energies in property. This includes the ground around properties if necessary. During home clearings I always clear out property areas. Sometimes when I'm clearing apartments and condominiums, it can interfere with other people's energy fields or is not necessary to accomplish the clearing of apartments and condominiums. These are things that can be discussed you contact me and also during our three clearing sessions at the appointment time. All of my sessions include a link to all of my audiobooks, essays and audio lessons. They are yours for free and are in MP3 format which is playable on almost all audio equipment including smart phones and computers. It is the most common form of audio format and I designed it that way.

It is important to me that you understand how I work so that you are comfortable with my work even before we begin, so please get a hold of me with any kinds of questions before you even schedule of necessary. I want you to be comfortable knowing how I work and I am always happy to explain in great detail how I accomplish clearings as well as private teaching sessions. I am a very informal person and easy to talk to and all consultations are completely free including consultations after our sessions. All fees that I charge are the final price. There are no hidden costs nor surprises. That is very important to me in my integrity of my work which is about helping people for a fair price.

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