Part 1 - The Violence of the Mind - Chapters 1 & 2

A New 5 Part Essay by Jeffrey Seelman - March 2024

Chapter 1 - Where Our Thoughts Begin and End

All of our thoughts begin on a nonphysical level. They begin as an impulse of visualization that is created at the very center of ourselves also known as the soul or spirit. The terminology is not really important, but the science is. For the record, your soul is you. It is everything that you are except for your physical body. It is your personality, your emotions and feelings, what you think and so much more.

Our thoughts appear as lights inside of each one of us. Some of these lights really don't go anywhere and many of them do. The thoughts that go someplace are the ones that we give energy to. That energy is everywhere on the other side and is a generic energy that is meant to be shaped into more precise and complicated energy forms that have a purpose to them. We give our thoughts that purpose and meaning as we give them energy.

It is kind of like an intelligent snowball that rolls down the hill, becoming larger and rolling faster as it does. Maybe not the perfect analogy but a good one.
So we pick and choose our thoughts that we would like to pursue on such a deep level that we are rarely conscious of this process until the thought becomes strong enough for our conscious minds to perceive. It is important to know that some of these thoughts can also come in the form of emotions or feelings.

As we concentrate on thoughts and feelings, they become more noticeable to us and stronger. Some good and some not so good for us or others. This is the evolutionary process of an individual's thought.

Thoughts and feelings that come from others, can and do enter into our minds through our energy fields at subconscious and conscious levels all the time.

So we choose the thoughts that we want to work with. We give them energy and power as we think about what this thought or feeling means, the repercussions, the advantages and more. We essentially grow our thoughts energetically. We nurture them and see where they will go and how they fit into our reality and how they can benefit us or someone else. Some of our thoughts and feelings we discard but their energies remain.

All of this is very natural and can be a wonderful thing. It is important to understand that it is important to quickly examine thoughts in order to make sure that they are thoughts that will benefit us as opposed to becoming problematic to ourselves or others.

This is simply self-control and not control from others. It is important to make that distinction. We also need to realize that our thoughts and feelings can be shaped by others. This can come in the form of information that we see and hear, but also our thoughts and feelings can essentially be hijacked or manipulated by both people and spirits. This can be deliberate or not deliberate. This is something that happens to everyone every day although we do not recognize it because we do not understand the medium and levels that thoughts and feelings first occur on.
Because our emotions and thoughts begin on such a deep level, we can easily become targets unwittingly, unknowingly by information that we process through our communication systems, by other people and yes, also spirits. Spirits are just people that have no physical bodies at the present time and they must be taken into account because there are more spirits than are living people. And they do interact with human beings all the time, usually for positive purposes but more more often for control and negative reasons and motivations.

Essentially we are getting sucker punched emotionally more often than we may believe.

Whether we know it or not, none of our thoughts are secret and can be easily read on different levels by human beings and also spirits. This communication takes place through telepathy. Telepathy is not a magic word and really just speaks to 'mind to mind communication' through nonverbal methods. All of this happens on a nonphysical level.

Our brains are physical. Our minds are nonphysical.

This does not make our thoughts any less potent or powerful. On the contrary, our thoughts are very powerful. More powerful than most people would think. Even though it seems that our thoughts either stop or are contained in our minds or in our heads, they are not.

Our thoughts begin at the very center of ourselves on a nonphysical level and are eventually released, some with a great amount of force out into the world around us.
And this is a great thing and a big problem all at once.

Our thoughts and feelings actually leave our minds and travel towards those we think about, those we don't know that we think about on a conscious level or even when dreaming, environments that we spend time in like work, social places, shopping, the internet and everywhere we go physically. Our thoughts and emotions are real and they have an energy to them. Because this is not normally visible to our physical eyes, most often we are very unaware of this process. There are emotionally charged thoughts all around us all the time and every place we go. All of this is quite normal and natural.

The larger problem is that too often not all of these thoughts are good for us nor other people's thoughts are good for us because of the energies that the thoughts are charged with. We have to be careful and we are usually not.

What Do I Mean by Charged......?

Emotional energies carry emotional charges which are nonphysical. These are not electrical charges, they are charges of feelings that correspond to the thoughts.

Positive feelings carry positive emotional charges of energy. And they are very powerful. Negative emotional energies also carry emotional charges of energy. There are three sources of thoughts that actually contribute to the power that our thoughts and feelings contain.

1. Our own thoughts and feelings on very deep, even subconscious levels where all of our thoughts begin.

2. Emotional energies that are breaking through our natural energetic defenses and originate from outside sources such as other people and even spirits. Some good and some not so good.

3. A mixture of our own personal thoughts and the thoughts and emotions of others which I believe is problematic.

We all want our thoughts to be our own thoughts. Too often our emotions and feelings are changed by the reaction of our thoughts colliding with the thoughts of others without discernment. It is the discernment that is so important. I'm simply speaking about self-control meaning having control over our own thoughts and emotions and not being swayed by other people or spirits unless we want them to which is our choice but we must understand that we have that choice and can also make a decision not to have our emotions swayed and in worst-case scenarios controlled by others without our permission.

 The answer is simpler than we think. And all of it is science.

We choose which thoughts to give our power to. The more energy we give to any particular thought or feelings, the more powerful that they become. Normally, this should be a good thing and with positive emotional energies and thoughts, it is a good thing. But we have to be very careful with negative thoughts. Because we all hold in emotional energies, essentially holding in our feelings, negative thoughts left unattended, can and do very often become out of our control. This is not good. Why does this happen? Because we all already have a very large storehouse of accumulated emotional energy in our body's energy fields.

As our thoughts travel through our mind and take shape and become more powerful, thoughts and feelings can actually pick up unwanted emotional energy from stored emotions inside of us such as anger and fear. And if we do not protect ourselves energetically, our thoughts and feelings can be amplified by emotions that are being generated by other people and at worst-case scenario, by spirits with bad intentions.

Now this is not metaphysical, this is science. Nonphysical science, the area that I work in is simply the science of everything that is nonphysical science. And that is a bigger chunk of all there is than you may think. The physical universe is beyond immense. The nonphysical universe is unlimited space and you can do anything in unlimited space. The physical laws do not apply but there are many laws that are natural laws that apply to nonphysical environments as well as nonphysical beings like spirits.

We ourselves live a duality. We are physical beings and we are also spirits at once. People who have passed on are simply spirits that have left their physical bodies behind, What we think of as that people, yet they are quite alive and aware in nonphysical environments.

But that is all that we leave behind and I can assure you that your loved ones including your pets are in excellent condition, with their personalities completely intact. How do I know this? It is not from a book nor a philosophy. It is something that I see and experience.

Because our thoughts are not constrained by our physical bodies nor our energy fields, most of our thoughts actually travel outwards towards environments, people we think about, people we do not think about, so pretty much everywhere. And everyone has both positive and negative feelings and thoughts. This makes for a very busy mind and a world full of emotional energies, not all of them good for us. I'm not writing this essay in order to discuss all of the positive benefits of the interaction of thoughts between people and spirits. The purpose of this essay, and its title: The Violence of the Mind, is really about the lack of control that many of us exercise over our own thoughts and feelings and how easily we can be manipulated by other people, including spirits with bad intentions. Self-control does not mean controlled by other people or spirits. It simply means that we need to take care of our thoughts and understand that they have a power and carrying energy charge that affects everyone and everything around us.

Our thoughts begin at the innermost point of our spirit also known as our soul which is just simply the deepest part of our personality. What we really don't understand is that our thoughts carry an energy to them and these thoughts naturally leave our body's energy fields and continue out into the world around us. Positive thoughts, no problem. Negative thoughts and emotions can and do affect other people. The accumulate in our environments such as where we live and work and do not dissipate. They have a long shelf life. And so where we live and work could be a sea of emotional energy from past or present occupants, friends, co-workers, tenants etc.

Almost everyone has had a personal experience of feeling the atmosphere of a restaurant, hotel room, living environment or working environment, even if there is no one in there. What you are feeling is emotional energy left over from others. Essentially, people energy. And it is everywhere. The problem with negative emotional energy left over in environments that have been generated by people is that it can interact easily with our own emotional energies and amplify our feelings. This also can be both positive and negative depending on just what kind of feelings we are coming into contact with. But we do come into contact with negative emotional energies all the time on a daily basis and so unfortunately all of the thoughts in emotional energies that we create and feel may not completely be our own.

This is not the stuff of science fiction. It is very real. Because we do not protect ourselves from emotional energies in environments or emotional energies that are being generated by others at any distance through any media of communication, we are left open to attack and also manipulation of emotional energies and thoughts in our own minds. It's not a new problem. Just a very misunderstood natural science.

In our world today, we are literally being bombarded by other people's thoughts and feelings, some very negative and that can and does have an effect upon us even if we believe that it does not. It is important that we understand where our thoughts begin and where they end. And the answer is that our thoughts never end and continue on, being left behind in our environments, other people's environments, other people's energy fields and minds. Not the stuff of conspiracy to be sure. It is simply the way that things work. It just needs to be explained properly and we have the knowledge to be able to control all of this or eventually it will control us and nobody wants that.

The Violence of the Mind

A New 5 Part Essay by Jeffrey Seelman

Chapter 2 - The Outsourcing of Our Thoughts

In this wonderful spectrum of the creation and production of thoughts that begin so deeply in our minds and ending up in so many places, we must look at the reality that other people and even spirits, both good and bad can and do have an effect upon not only our thoughts but can introduce concepts, ideas and thoughts in our minds.

 Are we being controlled? The answer is no.

 Are we being influenced? The answer is yes, sometimes.

 It is complicated and so let's go into that complication in depth.

Sometimes we are not aware of how powerful our thoughts and feelings are and how much they affect other people. When we think about other people we are actually sending them our feelings and thoughts. Because each person is completely unique and we each have our own vibrational content much like our physical DNA, we do not have to know the people that we send energy to and we do not have to know where they are. How do I know this? Because this is the area that I work in and this is how I accomplish my work. Teaching people how to protect themselves and clearing people and property is all about understanding the nonphysical laws that naturally govern everything nonphysical. To understand this is to be able to change it for the better.

Emotion and ideas comes in the form of charged emotional energies, ideas and concepts. Our thoughts and feelings are more powerful than we could ever really believe and know. But it is important that we have a working knowledge of the power of our thoughts and also how vulnerable they can be.

This is also very positive if one is protecting themselves by screening or filtering out negative and harmful thoughts. Many thoughts are just loose ideas but they can also carry a strong charge to them. We determine all the time which thoughts and emotions that we give our power to. Thoughts and feelings that have a negative feeling towards an individual or group has a reality to it in the form of emotional energies that can affect our emotional systems and our feelings. They also can affect the emotions of others around us, sometimes deliberately and sometimes not. But they do affect us and they do affect others.

The reason that we need to protect ourselves emotionally is because we need to be able to filter out negative and harmful thoughts from outside sources such as people we know, people we do not know, information and video content that may or may not have our best interest at heart and sometimes even attacks not only by people on an emotional level but also by spirits with negative intentions that are very aware of the process of how thoughts have power by emotional charge and will use them for nefarious purposes.

Good spirits do not do this. Bad spirits do it all the time.

We need to be aware of this and the science behind transferring thoughts between people and the science behind transferring thoughts between spirits and people who are living. Both of these events are happening all the time, all day and all night. and to most of us here on Earth.

The Science of Thought Transference

Psychic ability is perception. Nothing more, nothing less. Everybody has it and everybody is psychic. We communicate on many levels at once.

Our thoughts begin at the innermost point of our souls or spirits as an impulse of energy. Because these thoughts are like lights that travel outwards, sometimes nowhere and sometimes to an intended destination such as another person or spirit, here you have the beginnings of the science of telepathy. Communication without a word spoken. Everyone does this all the time every day naturally. It is more a matter of how to receive and interpret signals that are already out there. By using simple protection systems that are nonphysical, we can easily filter out harmful and negative energies.

If we understand the power of our own thoughts and emotions, then we must understand also the power of other people's thoughts and emotions. And most of us do not protect ourselves properly and so we can easily become susceptible to the thoughts and feelings of other people and can be taken advantage of by spirits with bad intentions. There are more of them out there than you may think as spirits are simply people that do not have a physical body.

So how can other people affect us on an emotional level?

It is important to understand that not all thoughts are created or sent on linear form or are generated that way. By a linear form I mean in the way we speak our languages here on earth.

An example of linear thought would be: "I want to give you this information". Thoughts from other people and especially spirits can also come in the form of entire paragraphs, concepts and ideas all at once. Essentially you may have an entire chapter of a book or a very large message from a spirit or person that would be contained in a single thought form (almost like downloading or sending a file).

An example of this form of telepathy or thought transference would be a business idea or vision that suddenly springs into your mind. Whole concepts and ideas sent as one thought but actually contains a huge amount of information. This is actually very common and many spirits communicate this way and so do we.
Spirits and humans communicate this way, but not always.

Sound confusing? It is a little complicated.

This should help. It is just as important that we learn to interpret communications that are sent to us as it is to actually speak that way to others. As living people who are also spirits, it is very difficult to learn how to send an entire paragraph of information as one thought like a file. It is also not necessary most of the time.

It can be a great benefit to be able to interpret information that is sent by our spirit guides, guardian angels or other positive sources.

We naturally communicate that way on subconscious levels and also in the dreaming state, but it is more difficult to accomplish in our normal waking state of mind daily lives. But not impossible. And certainly work trying to learn. It is natural after all.

Each thought has a power to it. Each thought is created and sent in the direction or directions that we choose consciously or subconsciously. We really have no idea how powerful our thoughts can be and that our thoughts naturally leave our minds and our bodies and continue on until they reach their destination or simply wear out and essentially dissolve. That can be a matter of minutes or centuries.

Here is where we get into some very important information about our own thoughts. Our thoughts do not necessarily stay in our minds although they are created there. When we think about someone, either consciously or subconsciously, we are sending them that particular thought and that thought has energy.

Negative thoughts contain negative energies that can disrupt the energy fields of not only the sender but the receiver. So not all thoughts are positive and not all thoughts should be let through our psychic defense security system. Being constantly battered by other people's thoughts which contain energies, real energies, can actually be harmful for us in many different ways. On the flip-side, positively charged thoughts, concepts and ideas can have incredible benefits to us in many ways.

Let me break the science down even further...

We are not always in complete control of our own thoughts for many reasons. We are not always conscious or aware at that level where our thoughts begin. We are not always aware of all information contained in each and every one of our thoughts. We are not taught that our thoughts have power and energy that actually travel from one person to another or one spirit to another or a spirit to a human being. So our thoughts contain more information and power than we may believe or understand.

What we need to know is the effect that our thoughts can have on other people on an energetic level. Because all thoughts contain powerful and very real corresponding energies, we are actually being bombarded 24 hours a day by other people's thoughts that fly freely and easily even though that may not be the intention of the sender.

Essentially, we must learn how to protect ourselves and our energy fields as our energy fields are our first line of defense. Because our thoughts are far more powerful and potent than we are taught to believe, and they contain emotional energies that are far more powerful than we know, they can and do affect other people in both positive and negative ways. Multiply that by 8 billion people here on earth, who are all sending thought and emotional energy out all the time, the mostly new and constant media attention that we all listen to and watch and did not exist several decades ago in such amounts, and you have a recipe for sensory overload, negative emotional accumulations in our body's energy fields and the danger of having our thoughts and feelings shaped by others that we do not want or need, to affect us emotionally.

Still wondering what I am talking about?

Let's go deeper......

Since we do not understand the nature of the evolution of our thoughts and where our thoughts and feelings begin, how can we understand the power of our thoughts?

There is a continuous onslaught of both positive, negative as well as a mixed bag of emotional energies (good and bad), heading our way every day. Because everyone is generating thoughts and emotions all the time, we are literally walking through a sea of other people's emotional energies, also all the time. Emotional energies from other people as well as ourselves accumulate in our living environments as well as our work environments. They accumulate in places we shop and places we visit and even places we spend very little time in.

When our energy fields are not strong enough or protected properly by ourselves through simple technique, other people's emotional energies can easily travel right through our own energy fields which should be the first line of defense, and change or amplify our own emotions without our permission or knowledge.

This can have an effect upon our emotional lives very quickly. That in turn affects our psychological state of mind, or moods, feelings, happiness, anger etc. essentially our thoughts can be shaped by other people without us even being aware of it. I think everyone would agree that this is not a good thing. No one wants to be a victim nor controlled by others. It is not natural that we are.

This does not mean that we are being controlled by other people or spirits. It does mean that other people's thoughts do contribute to changes in our emotions with or without our permission and on a subconscious or conscious level. This is not a good thing. Spirits, who are just people without a physical body can actually see our emotions visually and they can also see our body's energy fields. They can see the weaknesses or strengths in our body's energy fields as well and this is the first line of our defense. And so spirits can target weak spots in our energy fields and send their own emotional energies through these weak spots and deliberately change our emotional states. And it's very easy for them to do. And is very easy for us to stop them from doing it.

We are constantly sending out very powerfully charged emotional thoughts and feelings and they are not always well directed. These thoughts and feelings are constantly being generated by each and every one of us when we are sleeping and when we are awake. This is very natural but can become very unnatural quickly.

Because everyone is generating emotional energy all the time, and we are subconsciously and consciously sending it out in every direction, sometimes targeting individuals and groups, living people that wish to control others emotions, know that they can amplify our emotions very easily and this can be very negative for us. We all know that we can become emotionally affected by things that we see and hear that are happening in the world all around us. Radio, Television and the Internet can and do produce emotional reactions inside of us. Most of the time it is our own emotions that are generated by this input but they can also be amplified by outside sources.

If they are positive energies it is not a problem. If they are negative energies it is a big problem.

There is simply no need for us to be victims of all the emotional energies that we encounter in our everyday lives as well as are dreaming states. Essentially our emotions are mixing with other people's emotions all the time and we are usually not aware of it our how it occurs so easily when that is not our intention.

Spirits that have negative intentions can easily see and feel our emotions and they pick and choose which thoughts and feelings to amplify either with rage and anger. It is not necessary for people or spirits to know what you are thinking. They simply have to generate emotions like rage and anger and people who are not protecting themselves properly will easily become unwitting victims.

A Few Words about Spirits

There are many kinds of spirits. Most spirits that we encounter are simply people who have died and no longer have physical bodies. They are not spooky or scary although some of them would like to appear that way and give us the impression that they are.
Like people, most spirits are good and have good intentions towards us and can help us by giving us information and also in many other ways. The saying that: 'Miracles Do Happen' is actually true. Good spirits can affect people on both nonphysical and physical levels.

Negative spirits that have bad intentions towards us usually operate for very frivolous reasons. This means that they interfere and even attack people, pets, families and even businesses for reasons of their own and those reasons are not really important. Preventing negative spirits from affecting people is important and is also not as difficult as we are led to believe. Sometimes I call negative spirits criminal spirits. They have the same mentality and have much in common with criminals that live here in the physical on earth. They tend to be sociopaths or psychopathic, not caring about other people's feelings nor belongings and contrary to many myths that are out there right now, spirits cannot be controlled by humans. They do not need money nor anything physical as they live in a nonphysical environment. So they cannot be bought or bribed. The people who believe so have no idea what they are talking about.

In my sensitive and necessary work over the decades, I have worked with many people from many cultures who believe otherwise, that spirits are somehow more powerful than humans, that humans can entice spirits to do their bidding or that spirits are things. They are not. They are simply beings that live on a nonphysical level.

Most of the spirits that we need worry about are simply people that have died and continue to do negative things, usually for reasons that we would not understand because good people do not think that way. Negative spirits are malcontents and when taught properly, we can easily push them away and out of our lives. The intention of this essay and this chapter is to teach people how spirits can affect us on an emotional level for good or for ill.

A Few Words about People

That's us. Most of us are good and some of us are not. Some of us are good most of the time and at other times are not so good. But the majority of human beings are mostly good people although good people do not get enough credit in our medias and sometimes in our own lives.

I mentioned in the last chapter the duality of our existence. This is not religion, but science. We all essentially exist on more than one level. We have a very eternal spirit or soul. And that spirit is not a battery inside of us or some kind of light. It does not belong to anyone else and we cannot be destroyed. We are held together by some kind of force that is beyond my comprehension. I have no problem admitting that. I'm not sure that is important that we do understand why or how we are held together and are indestructible. Some religions touch upon this in positive and non-positive ways. I explain this through science as that is how my mind works. We also exist on a physical level and have physical bodies. These physical bodies only last for a period of time. There is no time on the other nonphysical level. Time is only counted off in the physical universe. In the nonphysical universe we are essentially between time.

Another way to think of this is that when we pass on and fully become a spirit, we are no longer susceptible or affected by time. This duality can be strange and painful, literally painful on a physical level, but it is good to know that the essential part of ourselves, our personalities, thoughts and feelings, who we are will remain intact after our physical body dies. Now I am not stepping into religion here as I do not personally belong to any religion and I never have. I look at this is natural science and try to explain it that way. We should understand that we are deeply connected to nonphysical reality 24 hours a day because we are spirits.

And because we are connected to nonphysical reality, and we are spirits, we can learn to affect nonphysical reality by shaping the energies of nonphysical reality into what we want it to be. Practically, we humans can easily deal with negative spirits. We just have to know how to do it. Understanding the science behind all of this is the beginning of that knowledge. We do have the power to shape our own thoughts, call them our own, deflect negative thoughts from others and be as free as we can be from negative emotional energies. Most spirits are not more powerful than human beings.

But there are different kinds of spirits and some are very old meaning that they have been around a long time. The concept of Angels and Guardian spirits is a real and true reality, not a myth. So people of religion and faith can take heart that some of the core principles of their belief systems are accurate and yet some are not.

The Outsourcing Of Our Thoughts and Feelings

Because we don't normally protect ourselves on an emotional level with practical energetic techniques, people and spirits with bad intentions can easily amplify our emotions.

The thoughts and feelings of others are running through our emotional systems all the time. And we do not know it.

Because we cannot so easily see emotional energies or not at all, we do not realize that our emotions can be easily amplified, even modified by things that we see, hear and feel. So we are essentially living in a sea of emotional energies that are being generated by ourselves, everyone else and also spirits. Since spirits are just people that have passed on and nothing more and nothing less, they do interact with us more often than we think. We cannot see them but sometimes their presence can be felt and it is very important that we understand that spirits with bad intentions towards us or towards the human race can easily amplify our emotional states of mind. This is very dangerous and not acceptable.

Are all of our thoughts compromised?

The answer is absolutely not.

But depending on the person, the percentage or amounts of human thoughts that are being amplified by outside sources is still far greater than we think it is and is far far too high. Some people are more susceptible to outside emotional influences than others. But that does not mean that we are safe just because we think we are not being influenced.

We are not fully spirits at this moment, that is just a part of us and we do not have the luxury or ability to visually see emotions because we are so busy focusing on the physical universe.

Because of this we don't always know when we are being affected by other people's emotions or even under attack by spirits that wish to amplify our negative feelings about ourselves and others.

We cannot see emotional energies but we can feel them.

Spirits and people with bad intentions can easily target our individual thoughts and feelings that we generate in order to amplified them way out of proportion.  And negative spirits and people do not have to be close to us in order to connect with us on an emotional level. There is no such thing as distance as we know it on a nonphysical level. And so the concept that spirits that wish to attack others have to be close to us is a myth. It is simply not true. It is no more true and accurate than the concept that people have to be close to us in order to affect us on an emotional level. People who say things and events that happen anywhere in our world can and do affect us on emotional levels and our communication systems (Television, Radio, Internet, Videos) make sure that this is possible. Does that mean that are communication systems are evil? Not at all. They can all be used for good or negative purposes. Our communication systems can make us angry by the things that we see and hear. We can also buy concert tickets while drinking a cup of coffee and even get good seats.

When I was a teen back in the 1970s, I had to stand in line for hours to get concert tickets and I usually got bad seats. I had no choice in the matter. We can get an airline flight in five minutes or less. We can talk to our loved ones wherever they are. It has brought us all closer together. But the first thing I learned an Internet company I work for back in the year 2000 when the Internet was new was that the Internet is nothing more than a group of computers hooked together. And that is a profoundly true and accurate statement.

Unless we learn to filter it out, everyone has access to our living rooms, are smart phones and everyplace else that we have indication devices. There are some very nice people out there to talk to and we all know there are some very awful and dangerous people out there that we should not be talking to. We don't want them in our living rooms. They were not there before. But they are there now. Sometimes we have no idea who we are talking to as it is easy to mimic other people on the Internet and telephone systems. All of this produces and generates emotional energy inside of ourselves and all of the emotional energy that we are coming into contact with by being in touch with essentially the entire world. This technology is new and we clearly have not learned how to deal with it. We eventually will as the human race is very clever and most of us are worth talking to.

Communication systems like the Internet are just physical plane models of mental telepathy.

We are learning to communicate with each other on levels and devices that did not exist 30 years ago, such as the Internet. Think of the early telephone party line. The people that had to deal with that so long ago had no idea who was listening and so there was an understandable lack of trust in the system. That is where we are right now with the Internet. It is not a finished product. And neither are we.

Because everything is so new and even dangerous because we have not yet learned how to control it, it is important to understand that our emotions can easily be manipulated and amplified by technologies that we fully don't comprehend. And people take advantage of this. As we all know, there are people out there that do nothing but take advantage of us. Most of us are still trying to figure out how to work our smart phones. So right now it is open season on everyone. There are people out there that have nothing better to do than take advantage of our rapidly changing emotional states as well as our technological advances. And it works. They have taken hysteria and group thinking to an art form. And that all generates emotional energies not only from the senders but the receivers, meaning us.

The outsourcing of our thoughts happened because we fully don't understand our emotional systems as human beings and how easily they can be manipulated by bad actors. And this needs to come to an end as soon as possible. And it will come to an end as we learn to control our own thoughts in a healthy positive way and learn to deflect negative emotional thoughts from other people.

Spirits, All of whom can actually see our thoughts and our energy fields, weaknesses and strengths on a visual level can determine just who is easier to manipulate and who is not. It is also true that every one of us can let our guard down on an emotional level and protection level and be more susceptible at different times than others.

It all sounds very complex and it is. That is why it is so important that we take care of our thoughts as they progress through our minds and make their way out into the world.
Emotions that are out of control in our body's energy fields are at a greater risk of be amplified not only by our own feelings, but by other people's feelings as well.

Because emotional energy is everywhere around us, in our workplaces, our living environments, our media and inside of ourselves, the sea of emotional energy that we live in can be wonderful and dangerous at the same time. Unfortunately, there are predators out there that seem to have nothing better to do than to amplify our emotional states for power and profit. Spirits have no interest in profit nor money but they certainly have an interest in power and ego.

Emotional thoughts contain energies. Every single one of our thoughts. Are they alive? No they are not. But they are charged with energies and energies have a way of going on and on far longer than we may suspect.

I do understand that many people reading this essay would say: That is a very interesting philosophy yet only philosophy Jeffrey...

I would ask that you simply look at how easily each and every one of us become emotional at things that we read, things that we see every day, people that we encounter, things that we hear about and so much more. So we know that we can easily be emotionally affected on positive and negative levels by all these things. And this is quite natural. We need only be concerned about the negative emotions that we come into contact with or that we generate.

We simply have to become stronger individually and as a human race of people. The danger is is that our thoughts can be amplified by other people and spirits and too often we are not aware of this process. It is almost out of control. But not quite.

We need to shape our thoughts and have some reasonable control over our own feelings. This is the responsibility of being a human being. We simply cannot let ourselves be influenced emotionally by every event around us that we read about or see visually such as the news which essentially is a 24 hour cycle of negativity. It does not have to be, but we all know that very few positive things are said and very few positive events are talked about in the news media on our planet. It is just one negative thing after another. We rarely hear about all of the good things that happen around us. It's always been that way. Deaths are announced but not births. The small kind things that we do for each other on a daily basis rarely make the news.

Therefore it is easy to assume that our society is only negative and people are only negative and wish us the worst. And that is simply not true. Most people are not murderers and thieves. But you're not going to hear about all the positive thoughts and feelings that we have for each other. All the love and kindness that we wish upon other people and the kindness that we carry out in our daily lives.

If we do not take care of ourselves and protect ourselves, our very own thoughts can easily be outsourced deliberately or unwittingly.

And it's actually very easy to protect our energy fields and shape our own thoughts in our minds. It is time to stop outsourcing our thoughts and feelings without our knowledge and against our will because it is not natural. It is better to have the power to shape our own thoughts and work with others to create a better world and better societies. It is not important that we agree on everything, but we better learn to live together or else...

Jeffrey Seelman - March 2024

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Chapter 1 - Where Thoughts Begin And End

Chapter 2 - The Outsourcing of Our Thoughts

Chapter 3 - The Dividing Line

Chapter 4 - Shaping Thoughts

Chapter 5 - The Liquid Mirror
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