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I am a private session teacher. After 28 years of helping people professionally, one of the many things I have learned is that with the kind of work that I do, 1 on 1 sessions are the way to go. Your private life, your issues that you're working on or want to work on, your questions and our conversations must be private. You will learn faster and be able to ask questions at your convenience. I do not record nor do I take notes. The reason I do this is because our conversations are private and is nobody else's business that you are learning some of the many wonderful things that I teach.

Personal and Home Protection

Why not learn directly from the person who designed the protection system? Personal protection itself is a multilayered, easy to construct protection system that can be created and brought up in 10 seconds. Yes, it works that quickly. But you have to know how to do it properly. It is also very easy to learn, and can be taught in a 1 hour private session through Skype or telephone. I do have audio lessons that teach personal protection as well, but many of my clients prefer to be taught directly by me. That way it is interactive. It is quite proper for you to ask as many questions as you like as we go along. I expect it. And I enjoy answering questions. Because of the nature of personal protection, it is necessary to learn personal protection before proceeding to home protection. There is a reason for this. In order to protect your living environment or work environment on a daily basis, it is necessary to know how to create protection systems individually, because you will be using these very same techniques in a slightly different way in order to protect your home, family and work environment.

This is not as complicated as it sounds. It is actually very easy to learn these techniques, but they must be learned correctly in order to be effective. It is also important to understand that none of the techniques that I teach are religious in nature, and yet they were perfectly with those that belong to belief systems, as many of my clients do. So whether you belong to any kind of religion or belief system, had your own personal philosophies or none at all, these techniques are perfect for you. Although they are not religious in nature in any way, but scientific and practical, you can certainly blend these techniques with your belief system together to work perfectly.

Learn How to Clear Yourself, Your Home, Your Work Environment and More

This is a 3 session course. Whether you take 1 session at a time, or sign up for 3 sessions at once, the positive results will be the same. As with all my courses, they are completely private sessions between you and me. Telephone or Skype is best for this. In this course you will learn personal protection. You will learn how to clear yourself of negative emotional energies on a daily basis. You will learn how to protect yourself from anything that is nonphysical and negative including negative emotional energy as well as negative spirits. You will learn how to clear your home and keep your home free of negative emotional energies and anything else that is negative. Remember that negative emotional energies accumulate in environments where people live or spend any amount of time. Not only does the atmosphere need to be cleared but also the structure of the environment, meaning the walls, floors and ceilings. Emotional energy very easily permeates into the structure of just about anything. It is not just floating around in the air. You'll learn how to keep your work environment protected and free from negative emotional energy from other workers, management as well as your own emotional energy that you bring in. Business owners and managers will learn how to keep their business free and clear of negative emotional energy from clients as well as learn how to clear negative emotional energy from past or present occupants, and learn the pathways of energies necessary to greater profit. It is simply fact that an emotionally clear work environment creates a more positive atmosphere that directly leads to greater worker satisfaction and profits for you.

Learn How to Clear Other People and Their Property

This is an advanced course. I really can't recommend this course unless you feel some kind of calling to help others with their energy problems. It is one thing to clear your own body's energy fields, your own living environment or work environment. It is another thing to get involved in clearing individuals and their property when you do not know them. This is what I do for people at it is something that carries some risk. It is not done right, there is a danger of picking up emotional energy from the environment that you are clearing. Negative spirits have also been known to attack families, individuals and businesses, and it will certainly turn their attention to you if you do not deal with them properly as well. So it's best to have some kind of background or group interest in the metaphysical field as well as a strong desire to help others if you want to take the specialty course, which is also 3 sessions.

But where people around the world are requesting these services and in this course you will learn not only how to do in person clearings but also distance work. It's invaluable. The ability to clear someone's energy field or property through Skype and pictures can and does lead to a much greater strength personal energy fields and abilities, and also the satisfaction to be able to help others when they need help. There is no better feeling than able to help others. During this course you will also receive several specialty clearings to help you with you are abilities and psychic perceptions as well as the exact knowledge that you need to be able to carry out clearings for anyone anywhere in the world.

Learn How to Increase Your Psychic Ability

This is also 3 session course. Everyone has some psychic ability. It is like a river that flows beneath our consciousness. All we have to do is learn how to tap into this River in order to gain the benefits from what we do naturally anyway. Psychic ability is perception. Nothing more. Nothing less. Believe me, you do have it. And I can help you bring it out.

Several specialty clearings are a part of this course as well as the exact information, practice and knowledge that you need in order to increase your psychic abilities. People psychic abilities are not special. They just have less blockages. During this course, one of the things I do is I remove these blockages that are made of energy. These blockages are usually created during our lifetime by emotional and psychological stress and they can be just as easily removed in order for you to gain your abilities back. It was one of my clients favorite courses and will have benefits that will last throughout your lifetime and more. They say that knowledge is power, and psychic ability is knowledge and power combined. This course is fine for beginners but please remember that I can reverse the course of psychic ability, meaning that I cannot re-block your connections to yourself and your abilities. So once you become more perceptive, and that increases as you go along throughout your life, you will still be perceptive and your psychic abilities will naturally increase as they are natural anyway.

A Note on Payments and Scheduling

Although my 3 session courses are all paid up front, with requests, I do make exceptions and people can pay as they go along. I do not have a problem with this. So you can pay for 1 course at a time that works better for your budget. Although you do pay for my courses in advance, all payments are for the complete course and we schedule the second and third sessions as we go along. The reason I do this is so that you are not locked into a specific time for all 3 sessions. This may come in handy with our busy schedules that we all have. Also please understand that I am very flexible and understanding when it comes to rescheduling. There is no charge to reschedule, and some of this can be done on your own computer, tablet or smart phone as my scheduling system is very user-friendly and sophisticated, but not hard to understand that all. You actually have the ability to reschedule yourself without even contacting me. Living in our very busy world, I understand things, and rescheduling is not a hassle. It is more important that you are comfortable and ready for each session. If you need or wish to make a payment that is not on my scheduling system, just go to the custom payment page, and fill in the agreed-upon amount. You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to pay for goods or services from me. My payment system access all major credit and debit cards and is completely secure.  Included with every purchase or service is a download link to all of my audio, video and text lessons. They will always be there for you and you are free to download them and upload them to whatever device you want as they are not encrypted in any way. All free of charge.

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