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Moving Energy   $14.95
Released December 19, 2022

Here is my latest book in MP3 audio format.
Moving Energy contains my latest techniques
for protection and self clearing as well as
clear directions on how you can keep your
home and work area clear and protected.

Power Protection  $14.95

Over 6 hours of excellent audio instruction
on everything from personal protection
from negative energy from people, places
and even negative spirits.
Learn how to protect yourself
from everything negative, at home,
at work, dealing with other people,
people who are thinking about you,
and much more. Negative emotional energies
are real energies and do have an effect upon
our own emotional systems.
Do not let negative emotional energy
from other people stop you from succeeding in life.

Life of an Exorcist  $14.95

Over 6 hours of information on the nature of
people and spirits, and what we can do to
protect ourselves, our living and working environments from everything negative around us, including negative people. I talk about everything that I have learned over decades of clearing people, property and businesses. I also discuss a few interesting cases as well as teach some advanced and brand-new techniques to keep you powered up on a daily basis.


This downloadable audiobook has it all.
It contains all 3 of my books,
Moving Energy,(Just Released December 2022)
Power Protection and Life of an Exorcist.
It also contains many audio lessons,
including: the Nature of Good Spirits,
The Nature of Negative Spirits,
What is ESP?, Hauntings,
Possession, Could We Have
Alien Spirit Guides As Well?
This book contains video downloads,
printable text for downloading or viewing,
in my brand new lessons:
Advanced Protection and
Advanced Self Clearing Techniques.
This book contains everything that I have
and as my most popular audio download.

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