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Released December 19th 2022

Chapter 1 Behind Your Back

Chapter 2 Mirrors and Swords

Chapter 3 Home and Business Clearing

Chapter 4 The New Protection

Chapter 5 When You Need It Most

Power Protection Book - Audio Downloads are in 5 Parts

Power Protection Part 1 - My Story

Power Protection Part 2 - Personal Protection

Power Protection Part 3 - Home Clearing and Protection Methods

Power Protection Part 4 - Business Clearing and Protection Methods

Power Protection Part 5 - Your Spirit Guides

Life Of An Exorcist Book Audio Downloads
are in 6 Chapters:

1. A Short Preface

2. Something Special Was Happening

3. The Choice I Made

4. Spirits And Demons

5. A Different Kind Of Exorcist

6. Protection And Power - A World in Trouble

New 2023 Lessons

Advanced Protection

Advanced Self Clearing

Video Downloads

Clearing and Protection Of Your Home Video

Personal Protection Video

Audio Lesson Downloads

The Good Ghosts

The Bad Ghosts

Hauntings - Evil Spirits


Negative Emotional Energy

All about the Aura



The Christmas Spirits