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Psychic Ability is Perception

I was born September 29, 1959 with psychic ability. I think everyone has some. You can really not exist without it. Psychic ability is perception. Some people use these perceptions in different ways. I was very sensitive to emotional energy around me as a child. Although it was a beautiful building and still is, I went to the same elementary school and high school as my parents did. So there was a lot of time for the wonderful emotional energy of children to accumulate in the classrooms. I was also able to perceive spirits although I did not know what they were.

I thought everybody could see spirits. Evidently not. My teachers and parents were less than impressed. Reporting seeing people that were slightly translucent meaning that I could see through them did not go over well in elementary school. Years later, my mother told me that I would tell her things that would happen in the future. Not world events. Just little things like: "Grandmother is going to call at 3 PM tomorrow". Naturally, they decided to have me tested at a local major hospital. It certainly was not comfortable having electrodes all over my head for over a day or so. The diagnosis was ESP or whatever they call it back in the 1960s as I was tested when I was about 5 years old. I can tell you that my parents were not surprised.

I decided the best course of action was to simply shut up. I was not making any friends, the teachers were frightened of me which gave me no pleasure and I felt very alone. And so I just decided not to talk about it anymore. That seemed to be the answer. It was not long before I had many friends, and the teachers began to relax. It continued this way all through high school. I never really talked about the things that I saw. One of the ways that my psychic abilities came in handy in high school was that I always knew when trouble was coming. So you are doing things that we were not supposed to do right outside of the doors of our high school, I would get a 30 second warning which I would quickly relate to my fellow high school students, and hence we never got caught doing anything, or at least I did not.

After high school I went straight into the United States Air Force. The reason being is that I am a patriot, my direct ancestor came over on the Mayflower, and I felt it was my duty to do my time to protect my country, as well as having some fun doing it. And that I did. I spent most of my time at some undisclosed locations and Air Force bases in Nevada. I will talk about it much simply because I told the Air Force that I would not. But I saw a lot of interesting things, met a lot of interesting people and developed a great respect for the people in the military. Very serious people running the United States military. It gave me confidence to know that we were in pretty good hands.

After serving in the United States Air Force, I studied different kinds of philosophies relating to spirit communication, protection and a host of other things relating to these subjects. I did sell at public and private libraries where I could get my hands on documents and reading materials that were really unavailable to the general public. None of this information contained any secret knowledge. But it triggered something inside of me. I started having memories of doing this kind of work in a past life or 3, and my psychic abilities started to increase exponentially and very quickly. What started out as a quest for knowledge and self-help quickly turned into something much more. I study these concepts for almost 10 years from 1982 until about 1992. During this time, a lot of unusual things started happening to me on a metaphysical level. My first book, which was created in Chicago in 2013, really goes into a lot more of the detail of my childhood, teenage years as well as those years of such serious studying. Being a teacher, I decided to make my first book an audiobook, and I'm always willing to send interested people the direct link so that they can have it. I did not create that first book to make money, I created it to help people.

Instead of settling on mediocrity, I decided to do several specialty techniques correctly.

I was most interested in the effect that emotional energy has upon people, inherently understanding that emotional energy has a real corresponding nonphysical energy to it. The next step was to learn how to release it from people properly. I also felt it was very important keep our properties, meaning living and working environments free from the accumulation or buildup of negative emotional energy from past occupants as well as present occupants.

The third issue that I thought was so important is that I developed techniques for people to protect themselves from the effects of negative emotional energy in the workplace, at home and anyplace else that we spend any time in. And so that's just what I did.

At the request of some very interested and satisfied individuals whom I had cleared, I put a small ad in a local newspaper. I did not get any work from it nor any response. And then along came a communications expert that specialized in businesses. He offered his services for free as he was so interested in these topics and knew that I was for real. Through him, and I will not mention his name as I have not seen him in years, I actually got a lot of requests for my services as he many many people in business in the city that I lived in. Eventually attracted the attention of the media and before I knew it I was doing an exorcism for the national television cameras for the television show sightings, which at that time was with the Paramount network and the only show relating to any of this stuff that was on television at the time back in the early 1990s. That exorcism was completely successful, and the producers at Paramount were very happy with me.

And so it began......

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