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What is an exorcism?

An exorcism is the removal of an evil spirit that has invaded a person's body or energy field, living or working environment, plus the general clearing of the atmosphere.  Most people are not possessed.  There are many negative spirits that do many negative things.  Most evil spirits are just negative people who are dead.  But some are not.  Some are very powerful, and very old negative spirits that are able to influence living human beings on an emotional level.  They are commonly referred to as demons.  When a person becomes spiritually or emotionally weak, they can be influenced by negative spirits or demons.  Demonic spirits are more powerful and less common than negative people who are dead.  Both attack individuals, families, homes, and businesses.  They can be territorial.  Most of these kinds of problems can be taken care of through personal, home, and business clearings.  Some individuals and property require an exorcism.  This should not be done when the individual being attacked is mentally unstable or suffering from substance abuse.  Some mental clarity, and a genuine willingness to separate and leave behind all things negative will greatly help. Most suffering individuals may just need a Personal Clearing. Business, Homes, and Families in distress, I will try to help you.  If you feel that your home or business is being attacked by negative spirits, and causing havoc in your life, you may want to consider a home or business exorcism over a general clearing. Home and business exorcisms require more time, specialized energy work, and are slightly higher priced. Exorcisms are very serious, and require pre-approval by Jeffrey Seelman.

When Spirits Attack People

Negative spirits, meaning spirits with bad intentions, and also demonic spirits, which are far more powerful, can and do attack individuals. Very often the individual is unaware of any outside interference or suggestion. Negative feelings, anger, depression, substance abuse, and more, can weaken an individual's energy fields, becoming more susceptible to attack by outside influences. Even living people who may be thinking about you in a hostile manner, is a form of attack, even if unintentional. Most of these attacks are emotional in nature. And that is one of the most dangerous areas to manipulate. Rage and anger, and other hostile or self-defeating feelings are intensely felt and generated outwards, I spirits that seek to influence the emotional states of mind of others. Spirits can come close to us, unseen, generating large amounts of emotional energy which can easily permeate into our own energy fields, and mixing with their own emotional states of mind. Usually to bad effect.

When Spirits Attack Families

Negative and demonic spirits also attack families and groups. The goal is usually to destroy the fabric of the family unit. Relationships can be fragile anyway, and the influence of an attacking spirit or more than one Spirit can have a devastating effect upon the emotional stability of the family or group unit. In my 22 years of working professionally with families that have these kinds of problems, the end result can be life-changing. Families can learn to protect themselves individually which is completely natural, or even as a group effort.

When Spirits Attack Homes

Spirits usually attack people in homes, and not the homes themselves. There are many exceptions to this, and this is not a rule. Negative spirits who are mentally unhealthy or emotionally violent can be territorial and feel they own property, although they are not physical, and do not belong there. Very often a home clearing will take care of negative emotional energies or negative spirits that are affecting a home. If there is a sustained attack and history of attack, an exorcism might be more suitable.

Spirits Also Attack Businesses

Businesses are kind of like families that work for profit and to attain self-satisfaction. Negative spirits can and to attack businesses even more so than homes. They attack individuals who are employees, they can attack owners, and very often attack the infrastructure of the business on an emotional level. By destroying the livelihood for the many who work at the business, or even home-based businesses, it's one way of successfully taking out or destroying an individual's life. Unfortunately, negative spirits do these things, even though they seem to defy moral explanation. It happens. And it's best to protect your business before it does.

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