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Personal Clearings

There is no such thing as distance, only focus.

Now it's time to sit back comfortably or lie down and let Jeffrey Seeelman help you release negative energy quickly and easily. It actually feels good. Let your mind drift as Jeffrey runs different kinds of very positive nonphysical energies through your body's energy fields by focusing on your energy fields through Skype, telephone, or pictures. After talking for a little while, Jeffrey begins a quiet and peaceful 45 minute personal clearing that can be done wherever you are in the world. It's not magic, it's science. Nonphysical science. By flushing out negative emotional energies in your body's energy fields during the clearing, nourishing pathways are opened up from deeper portions of yourself and also universal energies which are really good for all of us.

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Extended Personal Clearings

Extended personal clearings are 3 personal clearing sessions that are accomplished 1 at a time over a period of usually about a week and a half to two weeks. This is perfect for people who really need deep energy clearing and feel that 1 clearing would not be enough. You simply pay the special price for the extended clearings and schedule your first appointment, and during our first appointment by Skype, telephone, picture including contact by email, we schedule our second and third sessions at the end of the first session. In my 24 years of helping people professionally, I have found that giving you the freedom to choose different days and times for the second and third appointment is very convenient for you.

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Apartment - Home Clearings

Most people do not know who has lived in the present living environment. Whether you have new construction or live in a place for many people have lived, you can be sure that they have left their imprint of emotional energy. When we move into a new place, we always make sure that everything is physically clean. But we also need to make sure that everything is emotionally clean. It probably is not. Emotional energies from past occupants whom we never knew, as well as emotional energy to its being generated right now and in the recent past, all contribute to a buildup of emotional energy in the atmosphere which can cause a variety of problems. Some of these problems include the emotional effect upon people that accumulated emotional energy in the environment has. Sleep problems. Anger, procrastination or lethargy. Unexplained arguments. The list goes on and on.

By using a picture of your home or even just a quick Skype image of your living room or kitchen, I am able to focus in on your properties unique vibrations. By running positive and strong energies through your living environment and carefully making sure that they are flush naturally into the ground and away from the property, your living environment will feel like a brand-new home to you. Free from the past. Truly free from the past.

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Business/Workplace Clearings

customers can tell when things are negative around your business. A lot of it is subconscious and they will not want your product unless it feels right to them. Whether you work out of your home, own your own business outside of your home, have an office or cubicle work area, a business clearing may be right for you.

Businesses need clear channels on all levels in order to succeed. Telephones and computers must be working right on a physical level, and energy levels and positive channels need to be opened up on a nonphysical level. That is where I come in. I have a long track record of helping businesses in many ways. Not only do I clear the actual property in area of the business, I also, at the clients wishes, install a energetic system which creates an attraction energy that is positive both for the customer and the business owners and employees. The prices are far below what you might think they are, meaning usually just $200 for a small business. As a worker, you want to learn to protect your space after I clear it for you. All of this can be done with my audio lessons, which of course are free with any service.

The law of attraction is also applied to each and every business clearing as long as that is the clients wishes. Success and money are drawn towards certain kinds of nonphysical energies, and so this is also science and practical.

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Now you can learn everything that you need to know about psychic protection, home clearing, business clearing, and keeping your family safe from negative emotional energies, and even negative spirits. Negative emotional energy is everywhere. It is in every building, every person, all people generate both positive and negative emotional energies, and the negative emotional energies are easily picked up from work environments, living environments, restaurants, hotels, just about any place that you go and spend any time in.

Where ever you are in the world, you can download these MP3 audio lessons, which includes the new book I wrote in Chicago on personal, home, and business clearing. The very latest in easy to learn, easy to follow, the most powerful protection techniques you'll find anywhere. My protection techniques are all scientific and nondenominational, meaning that they work with everyone's religion, or no belief system at all. They work, and they are powerful. Even by listening to just the personal protection audio, you will be practicing the most powerful protection technique in the world in less than two hours. I designed it that way.

Everything here is downloadable to any computer or mobile phone in the world as long as you are able to download. I even have printable text on the psychic protection and home clearing section that you can print and is translatable into 64 different languages.

Every one of these audio lessons can be listened to on any computer, many mobile phones, uploaded to CD, your MP3 player, your iPAd or iPod, and any devices that uploads MP3 audio.

Have a home-based business, learn not only how to protect the but how to enhance it and make more money through energy work that you can do. Learn how to keep your living environment free and clear from negative emotional energies from past occupants and present occupants. You can even learn how to protect yourself from negative spirits.

I've included my new audio book that I created in Chicago that has the latest techniques to give you the power to protect yourself from any negativity and negative environment. Something greatly needed in today's uneasy world. 17 MP3 audio lessons, 2 videos, and three text lessons. These downloads have everything. There is no time limit on downloads, and once you purchase, you will be automatically directed on the very next page to your download page. Just bookmark that page and keep it, and download the lessons whenever you have time.
They'll always be there for you.

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