Personal Protection Part 3

In the first two audio lessons, you learned how to generate a more powerful, effective Aura. You learned how to place an edge on your aura, and how to create, and use protective symbols. In personal protection 3, you will learn what to do in the event that you are attacked by a negative person, or a negative spirit. Let's begin. We all have enemies. Every one of us. People who do not like us at all. That's natural. That's normal. In every 10 people that we come in contact with, one is bound not to like us. That's the way it is. It could be at work, it could be in your living environment, or anywhere else. You are bound to run into someone that you have a personality conflict with. On the other side, negative spirits very often are attracted to people and their living and working environments. Negative spirits attack people all the time. These attacks are usually emotional in nature. But they also may contain weapons and devices that the spirits create in order to have an effect upon your metaphysical system.

Most people have a pretty good idea when people like us or not. We usually know when someone has negative feelings for us. But we can't see spirits. Some people, who are sensitive, when the atmosphere is right, can sense them. But most of us can only wonder where they are, what they want, and what we can do about it? There are many things we can do about it. We have already learned to add energy and generate a stronger aura. We've learned how to place a cap or shield on the edge of our aura, and how to use protective symbols. The next step in personal protection is to learn how to confront negative people and negative spirits directly. It will be in two parts. Part one. The mirror method. As I explained to you in the earlier lessons, you must think like a spirit. Since in reality, you are a spirit, there is nothing wrong with thinking on that level when necessary.

You are not trying to move physical energy. You are trying to move nonphysical energy. Spirits have no effect upon physical matter. But they do have an effect upon nonphysical energy. Remember, spirits use thought form energy in order to create and change their environments. We must use the same energies in order to achieve our desired results. When negative people and negative spirits are attacking us, they could be doing one of two things. Sending us negative and harmful emotional energies or using devices deliberately created, in order to Damage our spiritual/emotional fabric. Some negative spirits are very good at making nonphysical devices. Spirits perceive the physical world from their own unique angle. They see it from another perspective. But they can see it. And they can see you. They are not trying to move physical energies. They're trying to move nonphysical energies. That they can do. If they are good at what they do, and the spirit has bad intentions, and your aura is weak, this can have a devastating effect upon your emotional system. Since we cannot see these emotional attacks, we must assume that they could be powerful.

The best way to repel an attack by extremely negative people or spirits is to generate a mirror, facing outwards on the outside of the edge of your aura. We'll generate this mirror on the same level as we generate the protective symbols. This technique does not require contact with a higher power in order to bless our object. On a spiritual or nonphysical level, you must create this mirror from scratch. This mirror will work against negative emotional energies that are being thrown against you by whoever is sending it. Remember, we are creating and using nonphysical devices that are meant to have an effect upon nonphysical energy attacks. That's why it works. That's why it's effective. Running, closing doors, hiding, wishing, and pretending it is not there, will not make negative spirits go away. They are counting on your fear, which is an emotional energy, and lack of knowledge and ability. A negative emotional energy attack from a spirit will change your mood quickly. Just like negative people we encounter, sometimes are able to change our moods. But we can leave places where negative people are, or move away from the angry person, but since we can see spirits, the attacks can go on and on.

Most of the time, we don't even know that it's happening. Most people have very little protection against such attacks. Many people become swayed by negative people and negative spirits. The mirror should be generated on a spiritual level by your spirit. The mirror should be shaped like a bubble and is meant to complete the surround your aura. So you should generate the mirror on a spiritual level using thought form creation. Then gently bring it forth, along through your aura, up into your physical body, and out to just past the edge of your aura. The symbol of protection should be securely fastened to the edge of your aura as well, on the inside of your mirror. So it should be your aura, leading to the edge, with your protective symbol securely fastened to the outside of the edge, with the mirror completely surrounding you and your aura. 3 layers of protection. The second technique will be to use your protective symbols to more aggressively defend yourself against a deliberate attack. Here is the secret, you can create and use multiple protective symbols in your spiritual defense systems.

So what I want you to do is to create your favorite multiple protective symbols, to use all at once in different ways. At least one protective symbol should be attached to the edge of your aura. But other protective symbols, which you have just created, can and should be used to repel attacks from negative spirits. Using your freshly created protective symbols, and being carried by your thought form energy process, throw the protective symbols at the offending negative energy source. That may mean continually creating and launching your protective symbols from your spirit, up into your body, and out to the world, directed at the offending negative emotional energy attack. This technique, if done correctly will not have any effect upon the positive aspects of the people around you, or even the negative spirits that may have launched the attack in the first place.

What is important to remember is that you are not launching an attack on any one or anything. You are defending yourself in a very aggressive way from deliberate attack. That is your right. But I say again. You have the moral responsibility not to deliberately attack any person or any spirit. But she do have the right to defend yourself. Do not feel guilty about it. These methods really work. I have been confronting negative emotional energies and negative spirits in my work for over 15 years. All these techniques that I have taught you are methods that I use myself. As with any endeavor, it is so important for you to believe in yourself. Even if you have never believed in yourself before. Even if it's for the first time.

Now is the time to start.

In order to accomplish the art of personal protection, you must believe in yourself. You must believe in your essential spirituality. You must believe that essentially you are a spirit and can move energy. You can move your energies. You know that by how you feel while doing these exercises and the effect they have upon you and others around you. How many spirits are there out there? Look at it this way, anyone who is dead, is a spirit. That's lots of spirits. We know that there are billions of people on the earth. Each one of them is generating emotional energy all the time. That means billions of people who are living, and billions of people who are spirits, generating emotional energies all the time.

Out of all these people and spirits, some of them know you. Some of them are thinking about you right now. By practicing the simple protection techniques, you can be sure that you are not being affected in a negative way by any other being. Our spirit guides, who only generate positive energy towards us, will not be affected by our protection techniques. On the contrary, they would approve. It makes their job a lot easier. One of the reasons we have spirit guides, is to watch out for us, protect us and guide us. By protecting ourselves, and sharing some of the responsibility for our spiritual well-being, our spirit guides are freer to work with us. There is much less interference. Let's try an exercise.

As with all of these exercises, they can be done in 10 seconds, or 10 minutes depending on your schedule and circumstance. You can do it sitting or standing as well. Begin to add energy to your always functioning bright blue aura. Adding power and energy to your blue Sun. Always shining. Evermore powerful. The edge of your aura, being firmly in place is strong. Your protective symbol is securely fastened to the outside of the edge. Add energy to the edge. Add energy to the protective symbol. Feel your energy and aura getting stronger. Few your protective symbol becoming more powerful.

Now begin to generate protective symbols in the heart of your spirit. The place were thoughts begin. That nonphysical spiritual realm, that is just below the physical. Ask your higher power to bless and add energy to your protective symbols as you create them. All the while adding energy and light and power to the different areas of your protection system. Now begin to throw or launch your new protective symbols, from your spirit, up into your physical body, and out into the world directly at the source of the negative attack. For our purposes here, just launch the protective symbols towards the outside of your current location. Through a window. At a tree. Towards the clouds. Just not at any one standing near you.

Even though these protection methods will have no effect upon positive emotional energies, it is not morally right to practice on or around innocent people. It is important to do the right thing morally on a metaphysical level. If you pay attention to the morality of what you are doing, then you will succeed. Break those laws, and you will not be successful. So think positive, you are just trying to defend yourself. You mean others no harm. You are trying to protect your space and your person. You have a right to do that. Continue adding energy to your aura, edge, and protective symbols. Continue launching them at some harmless source.

Feel the blue. Feel the energy. Feel the symbols. Feel the protection. Do this exercise whenever you have some free time. Practice makes almost perfect. It will become easier for you, and more effective with time. But these methods work immediately. Begin to use them right away. Now as you stop the exercise, remember to continue to generate your aura, your edge, and your protective symbol fastened to the edge. It is not necessary to continue to generate protective symbols, and to launch them, if you are not under attack. The throwing or launching of protective symbols, is to only be used when you feel you are under attack.

So you should be continuing to generate your protection system. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All of these protection methods are completely natural. Negative people and negative spirits are counting on you to be afraid and unable to defend yourself. Most people are afraid of negative spirits because they cannot see them. You do not need to see them. You can protect yourself from negative spirits by keeping a strong protection system functioning. If you practice these principles, you will find that negative people and negative spirits have very little or no effect upon your moods and energy. Remember, anyone who is dead is a spirit. Anyone who is dead, and has negative intentions, is a negative spirit. So there are lots of negative spirits out there. It's very common. They try to affect us emotionally. Very often they succeed.

But we have a right to defend ourselves against negative attacks from people or spirits. You should always be aware that there are negative emotional energies all around us. You should also be aware that there are spirits around us as well. Most spirits are good. Some are not. We only need worry about the ones that are not. Most people are good. Some are not. These protection techniques will help you deal with the ones who are not. May your aura be powerful and strong.