Personal Protection Part 2

In personal protection 1, you learned that the aura is generated by our spirit. You learned that the aura and spirit are both non-physical in nature. You learned that our physical body and our spirit are both different aspects of ourselves. Both an important part of our being. Personal Protection 2 is dedicated to more advanced Aura Exercises, a greater understanding of emotional energy, and using symbols in order to achieve greater protection. Let's Begin. There are many different levels of existence. We exist in some of them. We are not only focused in the physical realm, but in some nonphysical realms as well. Emotional energies are generated on most of these levels. Any spirit or physical being who has feelings generates emotional energies. Some of these energies are positive, and some are not. Although most of us can only see physical reality, there is actually much more happening around us. First, think of all the people who live in our home, all the people living in our neighborhood, in our city, in our country, and the world. All these people are generating emotional energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are emotionally connected with many people we live with, work with, come into contact with in public, relate to on television, the radio and so on.

As I said in lesson 1, when were thinking about each other, we are actually sending each other emotional energy, thoughts, feelings, desires and more. This can and does have an effect upon us. We do not have to be in close proximity in order to be affected by other people's emotional energies. We just have to be thinking about them. Or they have to be thinking about us. Even subconsciously. Even when they're sleeping. People send energy while sleeping during the dream state. This is normal. We communicate with each other and spirits telepathically while we are dreaming at night. While dreaming, we engage in all sorts of activities, all the while releasing and generating emotional energies. We also pick up emotional energies from other people while we're in the dream state. People who are sleeping, are encountering others who are also sleeping, as well as spirits. Spirits interact with sleeping people in order to communicate with us, or participate in dream adventures. Sleeping people interact with other sleeping people in order to communicate, release stress, and more. So we pick up a lot of emotional energies while sleeping as well as during the day. Spirits of course, also generate emotional energies, both good and bad, and that can have an effect on us. We cannot see spirits. But we can feel them.

Spirits can communicate with us telepathically. This is most often accomplished subconsciously. The important thing to remember is that spirits are trying to communicate with us. This is natural. Most of the time they should be our spirit guides. Those spirits are trying to help us. But negative spirits also are everywhere. Just like negative people. Most spirits are good. Most people are good. Some spirits are bad. Some people are bad. It's that simple. The universe is filled with different kinds of people and spirits. We must protect ourselves from both physical and nonphysical beings and their emotional energies. This is not something that should overwhelm us. These things are natural and happen every day. It is normal for our spirit guides try to contact us. But negative emotional energies generated from any source can have a profoundly negative effect upon our systems. By the time we are five years old, we have already experienced an incredible amount of negative emotional energies. Relationships, family issues, school all can be highly emotional. Negative emotional energies can block energy that's positive in nature from entering our system from spiritual or nonphysical sources. Now that you've been practicing and strengthening your aura, it's time to learn a more advanced method. In today's incredibly emotional world, at least one extra level of protection is required. The’re a number of ways to accomplish this.

The first is to establish an edge to your aura. A pane of glass or shield is a good way to visualize it. Your aura, shining out from your spirit, through your body, and extending a couple of feet out from your body, should have a nice hard glasslike edge to it. This hardened energy field edge is the perfect complement to your Aura. You will generate this by using the same thought form energy as described in the first lesson. Your aura, which you’re continually and thoughtfully generating, shines forth from your spirit, through your body out into the world and into, a sharp edge , like a pane of glass. Your aura Remember, spirits use visualization as part of creation. In lesson one, I said think like a spirit, and I meant it. You are not trying to influence physical reality in any way. You are influencing nonphysical reality in a big way. Your aura, which is nonphysical in nature, is being greatly helped along by this energy work. Not only does your aura feel stronger, it is stronger, much stronger. We naturally work on nonphysical levels to accomplish tasks. Remember, essentially we are all spirits. And as spirits we can move things that are spiritual. Emotional energy is spiritual.

Spiritual means nonphysical.

Everything that is not physical is of a spiritual nature. And nonphysical energy is Subject to spiritual laws just like we are subject to physical laws. We can strengthen and help create, and shape our auras. How do we know that we can? We can by the effect that these exercises have on ourselves and others around us. So far we have discussed generating your aura and capping it with an edge. For now we will keep the color of the edge as blue. Although many adept people use different colors for different reasons concerning the aura and meditation, in these beginning protection lessons, it is good to use the standard blue. It works. Now you are ready to learn about protective symbols. This is where you will start to use your own intuition. You've probably seen and heard the idea that some religious symbols and talismans can protect the individual from harm. You've probably seen it in the movies. Or you have seen it on television. Or maybe you have read about it somewhere.

The idea behind it is good. The execution very often is not. Let's look at the science. Suppose you feel there's a negative spirit or person around you. One thing you could do, and many people have done, is purchase a cross. And a cross, being symbolic of a major religion, is a good thing in itself. But it has no effect upon emotional energy. None. A cross is a physical object. Emotional energy is a nonphysical object. So we need a weapon. We must use a nonphysical weapon against negative emotional energies and negative spirits. The aura is a nonphysical defensive weapon. We must use nonphysical weapons against nonphysical energy sources including spirits. So the idea of using a cross or pentagram or any symbol is a great idea. But it has to contain the right kind of energy to be effective against negative people and negative spirits. Another way to use protective symbols is to use our thought form creation process. We need only to create spiritually the symbols that we need to use.

Creating a protective symbol of nonphysical energy requires a bit of concentration. So let's do that first. Pick a religious symbol, or some symbol that means, or seems protective to you. Think about it. Visualize it. Feel it. See the colors. Feel the colors. Now that you've picked the right one, it's good to know that you can always go back and find more, or interchange these symbols. There's no one right way to do this. Now I want you to give that one symbol a special place in your mind. I want you to create it, literally create it in your mind's eye. Give it form. Give it substance. Give it energy. Color. Most religious or protective symbols have a spirit guide or deity connected with it. I want you to ask the religious deity or spirit guide or higher power or whatever you believe in to bless or add their energy to your nonphysical symbol that you have just created. Be serious, humble and lighthearted all at once when addressing higher spirits, for the best results. Higher spirits are very interested in helping individuals learn to protect themselves from negative energies from any level of existence. You need only ask. Most people don't. Remember, your ability to accomplish this will only increase with practice. Ask your spirit guides every day for help. You should be generating your reinforced and strengthened aura all the time. The edge is now functioning. The protective symbol is ready to be installed. You’re going to place the protective symbol onto the edge of your aura.

Now that the protective symbol is ready, gently bring it forth from your spirit along through your aura, through your body and out to the edge. Using your thought form energy process, slowly push the protective symbol through the edge and on to the side facing out. Using this method, you can generate other symbols and protective devices, and place them in different parts of your aura. So here we have the next level in aura protection. A new part of your daily protection exercise. 1. You are continually generating an emotional energy field. 2. You have placed a cap or edge on your aura, like a sheet of glass. 3. You are creating and generating a protective symbol that has been placed on the outside of your aura facing outward. It is natural to create or re-create protective symbols everyday depending on your needs. There is no one right way to do this. Use your intuition and common sense. See what works for you.

Protective symbols created on a nonphysical level have more of an effect upon negative spirits than people. But there are spirits everywhere. Many of them can go wherever they want. And they do. Some of them are negative. Some of them are evil. They do not like humans at all, usually for many reasons. Using protective symbols is a smart and efficient way to protect yourself from unseen enemies. Positive people and positive spirits will not be affected by your protection techniques. The methods that I have taught you only affect negative and harmful emotional energies. It will have quite an effect upon negative people. On a subconscious level, they will feel your new strength and shield. They won't like it, but so what. You have a right to protect yourself, especially in a non-threatening healthy way. Let's try a short exercise. While standing or sitting, begin to silently generate your blue aura energy field and edge.

Increase the power and strength as the seconds pass. Gently guide your new protective symbol through your aura, and onto the face of your edge. Slowly and gently begin to rotate your protective symbol around the edge of your aura. Your thought form energy can accomplish this. You can move emotional energy, and your newly created protective symbols. First from side to side. Then in a complete 360° rotation. Directed to swirl around you, all the while adhering to the face of your edge. Like glass sliding on glass. Around and around. Increase the power and strength of your aura, your edge, and your protective symbol. Adding strength through energy is an exercise in itself. You should always try to increase the power and strength of your aura. There is also no one right way to accomplish this, do what feels right for you as long as it works for you. Practice your new method throughout the day when you have a few moments. Your new more powerful shield combined with your new protective symbol will keep you protected from negative people and spirits.

Use these techniques when you encounter extremely negative people. All these methods are not threatening in nature. They will not harm anybody or anything. They're purely defensive in their practice. It is important for you to defend yourself. Do not feel guilty about it. In lesson 3, we will learn methods to repel deliberate attacks by spirits and people.