Personal Protection Part 1

What is negative energy? Emotional energy is something that is a natural part of us all. From the moment we are born, we generate and communicate our feelings to the world through emotions. Angry or laughing, happy or sad, we generate emotional energies continually throughout the day and night. Childhood, the teenage years and on through adulthood, We are constantly generating emotional energy. But where does this emotional energy go? The answer is simple. Wherever we send our emotional energy. Emotional energy radiates out through our bodies into the world. Some of this energy eventually is discharged naturally, into the Earth. But where does the rest of it go?

Anger, fear, and hatred generate negative emotional energies. Love Hope and compassion generate positive emotional energies. Negative emotional energies generated by us, or others around us, can and do accumulate in our living and working environments. They also build up in our individual systems, blocking natural nurturing energies from flowing into our systems properly. Negative emotional energies that we have generated throughout our lives can get trapped in our body's emotional energy fields, and our auras. So what is an aura? There are two levels to our being. The physical and the nonphysical. The physical includes our body and our brain, muscles, bones, and water. Trees, buildings, houses and so on. Everything we see. The nonphysical includes everything else. Your spirit and your mind, all the nonphysical levels, and the places where spirits exist.

All these levels are more a matter of frequency than of distance. Our physical senses such as sight and touch, Are not presently focused upon nonphysical environments and consequently we rarely get glimpses of these other worlds. But that does not mean that they are not there. They do exist. Part of our existence is presently lived and experienced in the physical world here on earth. Another part of us, our spirit or our soul, presently exists in the nonphysical world. So we live in both worlds at once. It's important to understand this concept. We live in both worlds at once. So what does this mean? Your soul and your spirit are the same thing. It's who you really are. Your spirit, being nonphysical in nature, is also eternal. You are eternal. Your spirit is not a battery or device or any small part of you. It is you. It is more you than the physical you that you know.

Who you see in the mirror is just one aspect of yourself. Your spirit, not being dependent upon physical reality, naturally records every experience, memory and event that you have ever experienced here on earth. You will never forget anything that has happened to you during your life. It is safe, and so are you. Your spirit is the part of you that is eternal. You are eternal. Your physical body is an extension of your spirit, operating, experiencing and learning in physical reality. Your spirit is experiencing the physical world through your physical body. This is natural. Emotional energies, both positive and negative are also natural. Like your spirit, they are nonphysical in nature. That's why we cannot see them. But we do feel them. We feel anger. We feel happiness. We feel despair. We feel depressed. We feel jealous. We feel, all the time.

All these feelings have energy. We can't see these energies. But we can feel them. Everyone around us is also generating positive and negative emotional energies all the time. Some energies are good for us. Some are not. So we have two sources of emotional energies that we have to be concerned about. Emotional energies that are generated by ourselves, and emotional energies that are generated by others, including living people, and spirits. Spirits generate emotional energies even more intensely than humans do. There is no physical energy in the spiritual realm. So there is less interference in communication. So it is important to take into account emotional energies being generated by sources we can see and sources we can't. People, who are thinking in a negative way about us, are actually sending energy to us. Some of these emotional energies can affect us. They very often do.

If someone is angry with us, even if they are not around us, they are thinking about us and therefore sending us emotional energy. Remember, emotional energy is not dependent upon physical laws and can and does travel to us almost instantaneously from wherever and whoever sent it. So people are affecting us all the time. Their emotional energies are generated and radiate out into the world and into our emotional fields. This includes people that we know and people that we don't know. Since everybody is generating emotional energy all the time, our systems are being bombarded 24 hours a day by emotional energy from others. What can we do about it?

Our spirit, which is nonphysical in nature, generates something called an aura. Everyone has an aura. Everyone. Your aura is generated by your spirit. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is an automatic function of your spirit. Your aura is a natural protective shield of energy that radiates through and around your spirit and physical body. It usually extends out about 24 inches or so in every direction, extending above your head and below your feet as well. It is not dependent upon physical reality and is not affected by walls, floors, ceilings and so on. So everyone has an aura. You have an aura. I have an aura. It is supposed to protect us from other people's negative emotional energies. It should also protect us from negative spirits and their unseen emotional attacks.

If the aura is not functioning properly, then it will be difficult to protect ourselves. Our system becomes weak. Our aura becomes less effective. Negative emotional energies overwhelm our defenses and then enter into our emotional systems, sometimes for good. Remember that both spirits and people are generating emotional energy all the time. You are going to come into contact with some of this energy every day. Substance abuse, diet, emotional issues, medications can also have an effect upon your aura. Not many people have an aura operating at 100%.

So why not?

Negative emotional energies that have accumulated in our systems can cause negative energy blockages and emotional distractions that inhibit our natural energy. This can profoundly affect our aura. Emotional energy from our past and emotional energy from others builds up in our body's energy fields and causes our body's natural defense mechanisms, like the aura to be less effective and in some cases not to work at all. Negative emotional energies generated by ourselves or sent by others, gets trapped in our auras and intertwined with our physical body as well.

This can lead to mood swings, inner stress, anger, depression, general unhappiness, and even physical health problems. At work, people who are unhappy or depressed generate negative emotional energy which accumulates in the office environment, and you and your energy fields are constantly being exposed to it. First, they are angry, and then you are angry. How does this happen? There are negative emotional energies from other employees radiating out into the workplace, permeating into your energy field throughout the day. These harmful emotional energies should bounce off your aura. If your aura is not functioning properly, they won't. Even people we meet briefly or places we have visited for short periods of time, have emotional energy fields that may or may not have a positive effect upon us.

Therefore, we must learn to protect ourselves from other people's negative emotional energy output. How do we do this? By strengthening our aura. Our aura, not being dependent upon the physical system, is wholly dependent upon our spirit. Remember, the spirit generates the aura. Say this over a few times in your head. The spirit generates the aura. So manipulating your physical body will not have the desired effect. We must work within the spirit. Now as I said earlier in this lesson, the spirit is not a device or a battery. It is not something you can give up or sell. It is not a part of you. It is you. It is your essence. It is just as much a real part of you, as is your physical body. Your spirit being eternal, will exist forever and grow and change through time. This should give you some relief. No matter what happens to you physically, and we are all going to die someday, you will always be yourself and safe.

Now that you understand that your spirit generates your aura, we can begin to practice and strengthen our auras. This is not an impossible task. We will be using a very scientific nonphysical technique. Being a believer in science and reality, you'll be able to judge the effectiveness of your practice by seeing how these methods work in your daily life. All of the methods that I will teach you, I use myself and know are effective. This first technique is something that you can practice every morning, throughout the day, and before bed. It is effective everywhere, anytime. Remember, your spirit generates your aura. Your spirit is constantly generating your aura. In order to affect your aura, you must first learn to think like a spirit. Spirits use thought power in order to accomplish their goals. Thoughts are powerful. Very powerful.

But they are less powerful in the physical world than in the nonphysical world. So on this level; thoughts just seem like things that are happening in our heads. In the spiritual world, thoughts create things. Thoughts are much more powerful. They take on a life of their own. Ideas are much more powerful. They not only have psychological meaning, but they actually create form and substance as well. So a spirit can create a house by generating that energy and image combined. What we need to be concerned about is how to generate a stronger more effective aura. So we will be using thought power to generate and radiate a stronger energy field. Remember, our thoughts only have so much power to change physical reality. We cannot move a table with our mind. But we can move energy. And that is all we have to do here. We generate energy from our spirit through our body and out into the physical universe. We are doing this all the time. It is a normal function of our spirit.

Let's try an exercise You can do this exercise standing or sitting. First, give yourself a conscious suggestion that the color of your aura is blue. Blue is the color of protection. As a spirit, you can change the color of your aura. Think like a spirit. Blue light generating from your spirit. Blue light generating through your spirit into your body. Blue light generating from your spirit into your body and out into the world. This is happening already. Naturally. You're going to learn to turn up the power. To create an invincible shield. An invincible shield of protection. Concentration is not needed as much as a willingness to change your energy patterns. Keep the blue light generating. Imagine the most brilliant blue. Blue of protection. See and feel the blue light.

A blue that is attractive to your mind and your eye. Feel your energy getting stronger and coursing through your system, radiating out into the world. Above your head and below your feet. Behind your back and out in front of you. Keep generating that brilliant blue light. Now increase the power and energy of the blue light. Your mind cannot move matter. You can move energy. Feel the energy course through you and out into the world. Feel yourself getting stronger. This is the natural energy flow. From in to out. It is important to understand that. Energy generated by your spirit and flowing from the spirit, and up into the physical body and out into the world. Feel the blue light get stronger as you direct it to get stronger. Your spirit generates emotional energy. Your spirit generates your aura. Feel the energies course through you and out into the world. Add more energy to the blue light. Spirits naturally change the color of their aura depending on what they're trying to accomplish, and how they feel. So can you. Focus more and more of your attention on generating the blue light. The blue light should radiate much like the sun. The blue protective light is growing stronger and more powerful in your system.

Feel the protection. Feel the force. Feel the energy. Feel the light. Feel the blue protective light. Continue generating and increasing the energy flow to the blue light. Blue is the color of protection. Think blue. Think protection. Feel your aura getting stronger. It really is. When you add energy to your aura, you are focusing upon it and increasing its power and strength. You are perfectly protected. The blue light is shining stronger and more powerfully every second. Increase the power to your aura. Increase the light. Your spirit is powerful no matter what you have been told in the past. You have the power and the ability to protect yourself. Keep shining the blue light out into the world, at all times. At work, at play, in public. This exercise should be a joy to do. The spirit, not being dependent upon the physical body, has an endless supply of energy. Tap into that energy.

Increase the energy and power to the blue light. Shine the blue light out into the world as a protective shield. Radiating around you like the sun in every direction. Above you and below you. Your aura, not being dependent on your physical body, radiates out into the world and right through floors walls and ceilings. It shines right through them. When you stop this exercise, do not stop generating your energy. Only stop focusing upon the exercise. Continue to generate the blue light. Focus upon this for a few moments throughout the day. When you have a couple of seconds to yourself, focus and generate the blue light from your spirit through your body and out into the world. Do this at work, at the grocery store, at home and any other place where you feel exposed to other people's emotional energies. This exercise should be done quietly. It is a deeply personal protection technique that is just for you.

So when you're practicing alone, begin to add more power and energy to your already functioning aura, increasing your energy flow out into the world in order to protect yourself from emotional energy. It's a natural exercise that will have profound effects immediately. The power aura method is an exercise that can be accomplished in 10 seconds or 10 minutes depending on your schedule and circumstance. Do it when you're around negative people. Do it when you're around negative environments. Do it when you're feeling good. The important thing is that you do it. In the next lesson, personal protection 2, you will learn to greatly expand your aura and begin to use nonphysical protective symbols. Believe in yourself as much as your spirit guides do and you will succeed.