Negative Emotional Energy

About emotional energies

There are two kinds of energies, physical and non-physical. Our bodies, homes, businesses, and all the things we can see with our eyes in the physical universe are made up of physical energies. Non-physical energies are energies that most people cannot see. Although we cannot see non-physical energies, we can feel them, and non-physical energies DO affect us.   Thoughts, feelings, emotional energies, our body's natural energy fields, our spirit, our soul, angels, demons, and all spirits, including your spirit guides, are made of non-physical energies.

What is negative emotional energy?

Negative emotional energy is a non-physical energy that every person and spirit generates.  We also generate positive emotional energies.  Positive emotional energies are good for us.  Negative emotional energies are not.  Anger, fear, joy, surprise, disgust, love, disappointment, anticipation, optimism...these are all emotional energies.  The emotional energies that make us feel bad are negative emotional energies.  The emotional energies that make us feel wonderful are positive emotional energies. 

Whether you know it or not, negative emotional energies affect you

Whether you have the ability to sense and feel negative emotional energy or not, negative emotional energy will have an affect upon your life.   There are emotional energy fields in and around each one us, and in our living and working environments.  Whether we are aware of it or not, we easily "pick up"emotional energies from people we live and work around, or from the places that we visit.  This daily intake of both negative and positive emotional energies has an effect on our bodies, minds, spirits, and even our personalities and moods. Trauma from violence, abuse, or accidents can cause havoc in our physical and non-physical systems. If you have physical or emotional trauma in your past or present, the negative emotional energy you generated from that trauma can be released from your personal energy fields.

Curses, Black Magic, Hexes, Spells, Bad Luck

These are all simply a person or group of people thinking about you in a negative way.  You perceive their negative thoughts and you"pick up", consciously or not, the negative energy they are sending to you. If you are not using Personal Protection techniques, the negative energy and negative thoughts being sent to you can affect you on an emotional and energetic level.   Likewise, no one can put a "spell" on you to ruin your life.  No person or spirit has that kind of power over you.  There is no such thing as "bad luck", only the manifestations of the negative emotional energy trapped within your body's energy fields.

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