Home Protection and Clearing 2

In-home protection 1, we learned how to use positive energy to move negative energy. Positive emotional energy, created on the non physical level, and thrown out into the physical realm, will have an effect upon negative emotional energies. It is important to understand the process of how this works. We are using nonphysical energies to influence nonphysical energies. This we can do. This is part of natural law. This is part of nonphysical law. This is part of spiritual law. Much like the physical world, the nonphysical world adheres to its own rules and regulations. The nonphysical world includes everything that is not physical. On that level, is where your spirit exists. Your spirit is not dependent upon your physical body in order to exist. It is not dependent upon the physical realm. Right now, you are deeply connected to the physical world. Deeply. Think of your physical body as an extension of your spirit. Your physical body, being subject to physical laws, is born, will live, and will eventually die. Your spirit, who you really are, will simply disengage from physical reality, and you will go back to being a spirit. So what is important to understand that the greater part of you will never really die. You will live on. You'll be safe. You need to know that. It's also important to know that spirits have no fear of death. They also have no fear of the living. They interact with us all the time, during the day and during dreams at night. Very often, they are our spirit guides, relatives, friends, or just curious souls. But not always.

Spirits with bad intentions or that may hold a grudge, frequently interfere, or even attack individuals, families, and even buildings. Most spirits are good. Some are not. We need to be concerned about the ones that have bad intentions towards us. We can do something about it. We don't have to be victims. If you practice the principals in this audio lesson, you won't be. We know that negative spirits are out there. We know they interact with us. Negative spirits, or spirits that have bad intentions, affect us by generating negative emotional energies, which permeates into our own emotional energy fields, affecting our moods and mind. These attacks can be severe and extended. It would be like having a person who hates you and wants you to die visiting your house, and in some cases living there. You can just imagine the bad vibrations that you would get off that person in your home. It's really the same thing with the exception that you cannot see your enemy guest. Some negative spirits are able to create nonphysical devices that can have a terrible effect upon living people. This happens all the time. Negative spirits will use any method at their disposal to achieve their goals.

You must understand that spirits with bad intentions, who have decided to invade your home, will not play nice. They will not play fair, not with the elderly, not with children. Not at all. So we must learn to defend ourselves against unseen attacks from negative spirits. We know that spirits are out there. We know that some of them have bad intentions. Its percentages. Most people are good. Some are not. Most spirits are good. Some are not. In the movies, the heroes use symbols all the time to protect themselves from evil spirits. But that concept is only half right. Symbols of protection must contain positive emotional energies in order to be effective against negative emotional energies. It's that simple. In this lesson, were going to start with the basic concept of repelling the attack of a negative spirit, spirits, or extremely negative people you live with, or workaround. Very angry people very often have very negative spirits around them. This applies to people who are always angry and clearly have a problem. This does not apply to general healthy anger which is quite different. Very negative people who do not like you, and who you have reason to believe are sending you very negative emotional energy deliberately, deserve a response. Spirits, that would attack you, your family, or your home, must be challenged. Here's what you can do.

There are two parts to removing negative spirits from your home or workplace. Part one is using incense. Part two is generating and creating positive emotional energy protective symbols in your spirit, and then throwing those symbols at the offending spirits. There are many more advanced techniques that I use when clearing homes and businesses. But this audio lesson is for those of you at home that have no experience. You can be effective at removing negative emotional energy and negative spirits from your living and working environments. You just have to know how to do it. You have to know what affects spirits. Energy affects spirits. Positive emotional energies affect negative emotional energies. Negative spirits are greatly affected by positive emotional energies. They try to avoid them whenever possible. They like to hang out where there's lots of negative energy. Your aura, being constantly generated by your spirit, will be the pathway that your created symbols will travel on. You must create protective symbols by visualizing the form, and then giving it energy, which will make it more than imagination.

Things that you dream or imagine in your mind, become more than that when you add energy to them, and give them form. That is what we intend to do here. Actually create protective symbols on the spiritual, nonphysical level. And then launch those symbols towards the source of the negative attack. This is the next best thing to having a professional exorcist visit your home or office. Yes, negative spirits attack people at work as well. There's lots of stress. Lots of conflicting emotional energy fields. Lots of opportunity. We know that spirits exist because we are one of them. They do not have physical bodies, but they do generate visual form. Wouldn't you? They're not invisible to each other. They're beyond our range of sight. Most of the time. Sometimes we get glimpses when the atmosphere is right. We see things out of the corners of our eye. Just about everybody has had some experience with the unknown.

It's in our best interest to know what's out there. Emotional energies are out there. Spirits are out there. Negative people are out there. All generating emotional energy. Some good. Some bad. Let's try an exercise. Standing, add power and energy to your already constantly flowing aura. Adding more power and energy to the brilliant blue light shining out from your spirit, into the world, protecting you. Feel the energy flow out of your spirit in a strong outwardly flowing movement. Your spirit generates your aura. Your aura is not dependent upon your physical body. Feel your spirit perpetually creating and shining your aura out into the world.

Feel your energy flow from in to out. The natural flow of your energy. From the universe, through your spirit, through your physical body, and out into the world. From the universe, through your spirit, through your body, and out into the world. The way your energy is supposed to flow. The way they should energy supposed to move. Increase the power. Increase the energy. You are perfectly protected. You are perfectly protected from all evil, negative, and harmful energies. Feel the protection, feel the blue light, feel your energy and aura getting stronger and stronger. Think blue, think protection, think positive. Let your energy naturally flow from your spirit, through your physical body, and out into the world. And on this pathway, is where your protective symbols will travel.

In that same space, where your aura is created, begin to visualize your favorite protective symbol. Maybe it's a religious symbol. Maybe something you just thought of. Whatever feels most comfortable for you. Visualize the structure, the colors, and a form. Now let's take a step further than just imagination. Begin to add your positive emotional energies into the protective symbol that you are creating. Feel your good intentions and powerful feelings of hope, enter into the device. Continue to add your energy while you create your new weapon. If you can, add detail to your creation, making it personal and special to you. Be creative. Create many. Treat them as you go along during the clearing.

When you feel this is accomplished, and you are ready, it is now time to ask your higher power to bless and add energy to your devices as you create them, and during your work clearing your home or business. Make sure that the higher spirit, diety, or force that you believe in, also has good intentions, and his benevolent and peaceful by nature. Ask this higher spirit or force directly, and humbly, to help protect you, or your family, and bless your protective symbols. Be serious, be strong, have good intentions, and you will succeed at this. Be frivolous or halfhearted, and you will not. Now throw and lunch was protective symbols in one particular direction, in an area where a negative spirit might be, if you were not practicing. Exorcists use real protective symbols, charged with real emotional energies, when removing negative spirits from homes and individuals. It is one of many techniques that we use.

As you practice, think about what you're trying to accomplish. You are creating, and blessing nonphysical protective devices, and then launching them at where you think the negative attacks are coming from. We can't see spirits, but we can feel their energies. And they can feel ours as well. Don't forget that. We can affect them every bit as much as they can affect us. You need to know that. Practice this technique whenever you have some free time. It's probably not a good idea to do this exercise around other people. Although positive emotional energy, and protective symbols will do no harm, the concentration of emotional energies being generated are not meant to move around busy offices or the dinner table.

You may create just one symbol, and keep it near you and your aura. You may decide to create multiple symbols. There is no one right way to do it. Do what feels right for you. This is a very serious beginning exorcism technique. One of the ways in which I confront negative spirits. Spirits with bad intentions, or evil spirits as they are more commonly called, are not to be trusted. You can defend yourself against negative spirits, by throwing positive emotional energies at them, you will affect them, and it may even change them and their outlook. But don't count on it. Evil spirits do not make deals with humans. It is a myth. A fantasy. You have nothing that they want. They wish only to harm you, or your family, or the very least interfere in your life. If you are vigilant, and practice these principles, negative spirits will not want anything to do with you, your family, or your home or business. They will look for easier prey.

But doing nothing will only give them a clear line of fire and shot. If you are under attack, and things don't change, they will probably happen again. But now you have the power to change that. You know something that negative spirits don't want you to know. That thinking positive, and using positive emotional energies as a defense, and a weapon, can prevent them from interfering and even ruining your life. Unfortunately, there are some negative spirits that are old and powerful, and need an experienced exorcist to completely clear the offending spirit. But many problems can be solved by using the techniques I just thought you.

It should give you much relief that you have the ability to defend yourself from negative attack. This is your right. You longer have to be a victim. Everyone has some psychic ability. We naturally communicate telepathically. All the time as spirits, and some of the time when we are physical. More of this is happening and we think. Spirits communicate with us while we are sleeping, and very often during the day. This is normal and natural. But when we feel that there is a negative influence around us, learning how to protect ourselves is a must. You'll feel better, it'll be much better protected, and we'll have the knowledge that your home is free of negative spirits. All these techniques will have no negative effect on your natural positive spirit guides. It will probably help you in your work anyway.