Home Protection and Clearing 1

We all generate emotional energies. From the very first day we are born. Anger, happiness, and other feelings contain emotional energies. Some energies are good for us. Some energies are not. Emotional energies, that are generated by the individual, have to go somewhere. Some of this emotional energy remains in our bodies and energy fields. Some emotional energies radiate out into the atmosphere and lodge in the emotional energy fields of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, basements, and work environments. Emotional energy from past tenants or employees can and does affect us today.

When we move into a new home or apartment, we clean everything but the atmosphere. Everyone who is ever lived in your present location has probably left some negative emotional energy behind. Emotional distress, substance abuse, anger and depression are just some of the states of mind that may have been indulged in by former tenants. Present occupants of your home or office can also greatly affect your moods and energy level. If your home has a depressed feel to it, you could eventually develop those symptoms as well. We react to other people's emotional energies all the time. If other people are down, then it can bring us down. If someone is happy around us, then it can brighten our day. Emotional energies are non-physical in nature. They cannot be seen. But they can be felt. We feel emotions. We feel angry. We feel happy. If there is to much emotional energy in a home or office, then we feel uncomfortable, irritable and moody. Friends don't want to spend time in your home. Customers will not return to your business, or make poor decisions. So we need to keep our living and working environments clear of negative emotional energies.

How do we do that?

A 3-step process that I have developed that just about anyone can do.

Number 1. Aroma Protection Number 2. Vibration Therapy Number 3. The Aural Light Generator

Step one

Aroma Protection. For thousands of years, a few select incenses have been used for the purpose of clearing negative emotional energies from rooms or areas. Frankincense and Copal are the two most widely used today. I use both in my work clearing homes, businesses, and people. These incenses used in their natural state is a must. Burned on a piece of charcoal in the proper container, purchased from a metaphysical bookstore or an online is what is required. Use a generous amount of incense when going from room to room will begin to break up some of the lighter and more recent emotional energies. Remember, this is only the first step to clearing your environment of negative emotional energy.

The incense is meant to dissipate or discharge recent negative emotional energies that have not permeated into the emotional fabric of your building. Apply even more to areas that seem problematic. Take your time. Make sure you take into account any smoke alarm systems. Open up any Windows if you can. Frankincense and Copal are completely natural resins, and they have no affect upon the mind or body. They're also non-toxic and safe to use around children. The charcoal that is made for incense burns extremely hot. Take care to use it in the correct container only. The charcoal is not safe to be left alone with children. Adult supervision is required.

Step 2

Vibration Therapy The second way we want to affect the atmosphere of the environment is sound therapy. For this step, a nice sounding bell or chime will be effective. We know that sound produces energy and sound waves. Sound energy can have a profound effect upon emotional energy whether it is within us, or outside of us. Moving from room to room, sound the bell or chime at a fairly reasonable volume, the louder the better. Vibrations from the bell or chime begin to work on emotional energy unaffected by incense. It has the effect of shaking up the emotional energy that relates to sound vibrations. Sound vibrations are created from people talking or arguing radios, televisions, traffic and more.

So we are approaching this problem from two angles now. Using Incense that has a known positive effect upon negative emotional energies, and bells or chimes, better known to have an effect upon emotional energy fields. Two ways of breaking up stuck emotional energies that may have been in your home or business for quite some time. Possibly decades.

Step 3

The third step is the most important and the most difficult.

Emotional energies are a natural part of our universe. Good energies and harmful energies alike. Positive emotional energies that you wish to hold on to are not affected by emotional energy Clearings. Negative emotional energies their free-flowing in the room's environment are affected by emotional energy Clearings. I strongly recommend for this next up that you have studied and practiced Personal Protection 1 And Personal Protection 2. From my audio lessons. We all generate something called an aura. The aura is generated by our spirit. Our spirit is who we really are. Deep inside. Our spirit is non-physical in nature. It is not dependent upon our bodies. It is eternal. You are eternal. You will never die.

It is important for you to know this. In order to operate and generate your aura effectively, as well as learn to clear your environment properly, you must understand that your aura and all emotional energies are nonphysical in nature. We cannot see them. But we can feel them. And they do exist. And they are important. We can make them stronger. We all generate an aura naturally. It is something we generate automatically from our spirit. That level just above physical reality. That does not mean that are aura is operating correctly. That does not mean that we cannot improve on it, and make it stronger and more effective. We can, and we will. So we are going to use our aura, and the energy that we will learn to

generate and send forth into your environment to actually move the energy out of your apartment, home or workplace. Let's do an exercise. Sitting or standing comfortably, add energy to your already existing and flowing aura. Feel it getting stronger as you focus on its brilliant blue light. Feel your spirit respond to the energy work. Feel your confidence increase by the second as you happily focus on your protection system. Feel the energies course through you as the power of your aura it stronger and stronger. Your aura is generated by your spirit, and shines out to your body into the world and protects you from emotional energies from others. It shines like the sun. Shining through you. We can also create and send emotional energy in devices that we create on that nonphysical level, and send them out through our aura, out on the shining rays of blue light. In the heart of your aura, in the center of yourself, create through visualization a white-hot sun. A blinding white light that contains truth and wholesomeness. It's important that you add your own positive emotional energies to your nonphysical, spiritual creations. And this white-hot sun is shining in the heart of your spirit is ready to illuminate the entire area that you are in.

Direct the sun to shine energy up through your body, and out into the room. You can literally throw the rays of the white sun much like a flame thrower. The sun generated by your spirit energy, and the directed to shine up through your physical body, out through your aura, and into a small area of the room. Continue to practice this exercise. You're constantly generating a white-hot sun. You're throwing the rays like a flame thrower from your spirit, through your physical body, through your aura, and out into a small area of the room. Practice this. From your spirit, through your physical body, and out into the room. Feel your aura getting stronger. Feel the brilliant blue of your aura becoming more powerful. Feel the white-hot sun glowing inside of you, eager to get out and clear. Let it happen naturally. It is a natural function for us to care for our emotional environment. This is completely natural. He should feel better right away. Continue to generate the brilliant blue light. Continue to generate the white-hot sun. Generate and let it flow through you into your environment. Spend a few minutes practicing whenever you have time. The more you practice, the better you will become an affecting your emotional environment.

All three of these steps are meant to be practiced together. Each step is an important part of the whole process. Incense has an effect upon some kinds of emotional energy. Bells or chimes have an effect upon other kinds of emotional energy. Taken together, they're very effective at shaking up emotional energy that's trapped in your living or working environment. The third step, using your own spiritual power and energy in order to actually move or wash the negative emotional energies out of your environment, is the last and most important part of this process. Negative emotional energies can be moved by throwing positively emotionally charged white light into the problem area. Where does this energy go? Emotional energies that are not being held by people or buildings, should eventually find their way into the ground. The Earth naturally attracts negative and excess emotional energies to it. But we are taught to hold in our feelings, and so we do. We also keep our emotional feelings close to us in our homes and workplaces. This is not good for us.

Remember I said, some energy is good for us, and some energy is not. Positive emotional energies, which are not affected by any of these methods, are nurturing energies that we happily and rightly hold in. Negative emotional energies, anger, hatred, depression, jealousy, resentments, traumas, substance abuse issues, and much more, are energies that we do not need to hold in our body's energy fields. There is enough of that going on in the world. It is not necessary for us to live in or around negative emotional energies that are generated by ourselves, or by others. You have the power to defend yourself and your home. You have the power to change the emotional fabric of your environment. Everyone does.

If you practice these techniques, you'll begin to learn the art of moving nonphysical energy. You'll become the master of your castle. Whether you live in a small apartment, or a large mansion, you will have the satisfaction of knowing and feeling, that your home is as free of negative emotional energies as it can be. In home protection 2, you will learn to protect your home in the event that you are attacked by negative spirits. Spirits are as common as people, some are good, some are not good. The techniques that you will learn will teach you how to deal with the ones who are not good and have taken an interest in you, your home, or your family.