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I have many different services and prices to match everyone's budget. Distance is no barrier to good energy work. The prices that you will find on my scheduling page reflect the lowest current special prices. You may find it more convenient to have me teach you directly over Skype or the telephone.

Wherever you are in the world, a personal clearing, learning how to protect yourself, discovering the art of astral traveling, learning how to clear yourself and/or your family, extended personal clearings and much more are available at the lowest prices you will find anywhere. And as always I welcome questions and always give special prices to small groups and families. Remember I also do pet clearings as animals pick up emotional energy even easier than humans do. Most of my sessions are one hour sessions and all are completely private. Just you and me. Your confidentiality is my number one priority. Here is some information on the different sessions that I have.

1 hour Private Telephone or Skype Sessions are an excellent way to have a clearing done or learn an amazing amount in that particular time frame. I love to answer questions so please feel free to always interrupt. It's important that you learn what you want to learn.

Longer Sessions

In 3 one hour sessions, you may choose to learn the powerful art of psychic protection, increase your psychic abilities, enjoy the benefits of astral travel and expand your consciousness.

Every session is completely private. I believe that individual sessions are the best way to teach and learn. You will achieve the most benefit from these informal, 1 on 1 sessions. Learn via Telephone, Skype or my Downloads. All Downloads are free with any session.

You can contact me directly to schedule your sessions or use my 24 hour online scheduling system on this website. The scheduling system automatically locks into your time zone so there are no hassles or mistakes in scheduling your sessions. There is no obligation to purchase anything.

I believe it takes at least three sessions to learn this material properly. This includes protection, astral travel, energy work, or a combination. Learn what you would like to learn.

You will be prompted to schedule your first session when you pay for your 3 sessions. This makes it easier to accommodate changes in your schedule over the course of the three sessions. You will schedule your second and third sessions with me during your first session.

This is a self designed course which includes new techniques not available anywhere else. It is designed especially for you and your needs.

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