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New Methods in Personal, Home, Workplace, Business Protection, and Clearing

In this exciting new MP3 audio book that I created, you will learn the latest in personal protection techniques, how to clear your living environment, workplace, and business, and keep everything protected with the strongest protection systems on earth.

My new audio book is in 5 parts and is over 6 hours long in length. When you purchase this audio book, you'll be taken directly to the download page. Please bookmark this page. If you have any difficulties, I will be happy to manually send you the link to the download page.

The first part of the book is entitled: My Story. Many people have asked me over the years to write about my experiences from early childhood up until the creation of this book. I talk mostly on the metaphysical aspects of my life and some of the incredibly supernatural events that have happened to me over the years. I go on to talk about how I got involved in STARCLEAR, why I got involved in this business, and my feelings about helping others. I hope that you'll find this part interesting.

The second part deals with my latest techniques of personal protection, which has information not included in my audio lessons. Learn the latest and become more powerful immediately with protection methods that will have a direct influence on your life in every way. Whether you are at home, work, or anywhere else, personal protection, done correctly, is the answer to keeping negative emotional energies from whatever source far away from your energy fields, and that of those that you love.

The third part of this audio book deals with home clearing, and also contains my latest up-to-date protection and clearing techniques. Whether you live in a small area, an apartment, a home, a condominium, or anywhere else, these up-to-date latest techniques will teach you everything you need to know to keep everything negative out of your living environment. Fast, scientific, easy to understand techniques that just about anyone can learn to do. Learn how to take care of your property and let nothing negative enter into it. Learn how to clear emotional energies and negative spirits out of your living environment forever.

The fourth part of my audio book delves into the subject of business clearing. Whether you're working at home, working for someone else in a workspace, or you own your own business, this is exactly what you want. Everyone generates emotional energies. Everyone. Former occupants of your business probably have left a lot of emotional energy that could be affecting your profits right now. Coworkers around you are all generating emotional energy, and this part of the book will teach you how to protect yourself so that you feel safe at work, and go home feeling refreshed and not drained. Maximize your profits with protection and clearing techniques designed for the business owner. Too much negative emotional energy in the business environment can severely affect worker productivity and happiness. It will be good for them and good for you. Take care of your business by learning how to clear it and protect it with these powerful yet easy to understand methods.

The first part of my audio book deals with your spirit guides. Everyone has them. Everyone needs them. Spirit guides can warn us of danger, give us good business ideas, help us with our intuitions, increase our perceptual abilities, and even help us with clearing techniques, as well as protection. I decided to include this most important subject, and to talk about it in a very logical and scientific way so that everyone can understand the important connections that we have to spirits. Also Available at Amazon.com, iTunes and Audible.com

My 6 Hour audio book is available for the very reasonable price of $29.95

I wanted this book to be available to everyone. Just click on the pain now button, fill out the form, and after payment you will be directly taken to the download page. Remember that if you have any difficulties, please contact me, and I'll be happy to guide you through it, as well as send you the download link to your e-mail address if you request it. There will be no hassles, all clients are confidential, and one purchase is good for your entire family or staff.

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Power Protection

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