Exorcism and Spirits

What are spirits?

Spirits are formerly incarnated individuals who are dead,  Like living people, most spirits are good, some are not. 

Negative Spirits, Evil Spirits, Demons

Just as there are negative people in the physical world, there are negative spirits.  There are also demonic spirits who may or may not have ever been incarnated.

A negative person who was doing negative things during their lifetime may still be trying to accomplish their evil goals and desires after death.   While most people cannot see negative spirits, they are there, and they can harm us emotionally. 
The goal of a negative spirit is to influence us for the worst on an emotional level, and very often they succeed.

A demon is a very powerful evil spirit that may or may not have ever been human.  They are capable of inflicting great emotional damage on unsuspecting and unprotected people.  In people who are weak for a variety of reasons, demonic spirits can greatly affect moods and energy levels.  Sustained attacks can cause temporary possession resulting in outbursts of abnormal or irrational behavior.

While I have studied demonology, there is no mention of classifications of demons on this website.  This is deliberate.  For someone coming to this site, which was created to help, if we were to write of demons specifically we would be hurting the very people we are trying to help.  It matters not the classification.  The mechanism for removal is the same.  What you focus on multiplies, and we advocate people do not study demons or negative spirits, nor should they attempt to communicate with them or find out who they are or what their motivations are.  You wouldn't invite a criminal breaking into your house to tea, you would kick them out.  The same is true when dealing with spirits who are not incarnated.

Spiritual Attack

Negative spirits are attracted to, and feed on, negative emotional energies generated by people, or groups of people.   Evil spirits can, and do, attack individuals, families, groups, gatherings, gangs, cults, businesses, and homes.
All negative spirits generate negative emotional energies - this is deliberate and is meant to affect us.   Negative people or negative groups generate the negative emotional energies that evil spirits are attracted to.  Evil spirits will come physically close to these people, thinking terrible thoughts and feeling their sad and angry feelings, as is their nature.
The effect upon the person or group of people is that their own negative feelings are amplified, and they will have thoughts of causing even greater destruction to themselves or those around them.  In this way, evil spirits can propel individuals or groups to even greater anger or violence.


A haunting is a spiritual attack on a building, location, or land.


A possession takes place when a person has endured extreme and usually long-term spiritual attack.   The influence of negative spirits over a person becomes so great that the person's soul retreats almost entirely from the body - and becomes partially disconnected from reality.  This leaves a wide-open space for negative spirits to have GREAT influence over the person's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  Like attracts like.  When a person "checks out" of life with depression, anger, and/or substance abuse, they leave a wide-open space for negative spirits to temporarily take over, and even direct the behavior of the individual or group.  Most people who come to STARCLEAR thinking they are possessed are not.  A truly possessed person would never contact me, as the demon would never allow the person to have the thought.  It is more likely the friends or family members of the possessed person would call me for help. 


I practice Modern Exorcism.   Modern Exorcism is simply the removal of negative spirits and negative emotional energies from a person or location.   An exorcism is performed in the same way a personal clearing is performed to remove negative emotional energy, the only difference is that in an exorcism a negative spirit (s) or demon(s) are removed as well.   In a typical personal clearing there is no negative spirit to remove.  A personal clearing would become an exorcism if a spirit is discovered and removed. 

Because demons and spirits are non-physical, psychic ability to see or sense spirits and to channel energy from the ocean of non-physical energy available to us all from the non-physical universe is an essential quality an exorcist must possess to be able to know whether negative spirits are actually present in or around a person or location, and to remove them. 

Spiritual connections to higher spirits who have the spiritual authority to break the spiritual cords that connect a person or location to a negative spirit, and if necessary, to banish the negative spirit to lower planes of existence is critical a necessity to perform a successful exorcism.  The power to perform exorcisms lies not with the exorcist, but with the higher spirits he or she works with.

The majority of clients who contact me thinking they are possessed are actually not.   Once the client's negative emotional energy is cleared out of their body and spirit, and non-physical connections to negative people and negative spirits are severed, they begin to take back control of their life and function at a higher, happier level once again.

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