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  • 1) Move your consciousness out of your head, and into your body.  Around your heart is good.  Feel where you are right now from your body.  Perceive the world from your heart chakra area as opposed to your eyes and head area. 

  • 2) Continue focusing from your heart.

  • 3) Scroll down, touch the abundance bowl with your hand. 

  • 4) Close your eyes and let your finger make a choice.  Your finger may fall on a heart, a star, or a heptagon.  If you choose a heart or star, its color corresponds to the same colored heptagon.  The color choice you subconsciously make represents what you are in greatest need of right now.  Read the text to know what you need to manifest in your life. 

This graphic was channeled and energized by Amy for all who happen across this page.  It is no accident you came to this page.  Use the energy in the abundance bowl symbol in combination with your own energy to create what you need most right now.

There are 7 categories in 7 seven-sided heptagon figures.  There are 11 hearts and 11 stars.

The dual 11's, or 11:11, will trigger your memories of the spirit world, and will remind you of your true status as an eternal spirit.  The physical world is temporary.  The spirit world - where you truly belong - is eternal, and your memories of it will set you free to reach out and harness the power of the universe that is available to you to create good for yourself and for others.

The dual nature of two's encourages you to choose - to take action in your life, and reminds you of the very real two-way communication that exists between you and the spirit world.

7's are magical.  They spark in your to create, to manifest, and to connect to spirit.
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