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Jeffrey Seelman

Professional Clearing Expert, Author, Psychic, Teacher, Exorcist

STARCLEAR - Helping People For More Than 24 Years
Jeffrey Seelman is a professional clearing expert, teacher, author, psychic and exorcist. Jeffrey was born September 29, 1959 and exhibited psychic abilities from the very beginning. After serving in United States Air Force, Jeffrey studied metaphysical thought and philosophy during the 1980s. In 1992, Jeffrey brought his services to the public.

Through distance or personal work, Jeffrey is able to clear the body's energy fields of great amounts of negative emotional energy and dissolve negative connections to others. This can have a profound effect upon one's life in a very positive way. Jeffrey also clears apartments, condominiums and homes as well as businesses, and actually helps businesses make more money through energetic laws of attraction.

He also teaches through private telephone and Skype sessions with people worldwide, the art of psychic protection, astral travel and even energy healing techniques in order for his interested clients to help others.

Jeffrey has appeared on E Entertainment Television, The Sy Fy Channel, 4 appearances on Coast-To-Coast with George Noory, many television news reports, radio show appearances and newspaper and magazine articles.

Jeffrey takes a scientific, practical and modern approach to keeping your body's energy fields strong and clear, protecting one's home and living environment of negative emotional energies from past occupants as well as present, and helping businesses make more money and attract customers.

How I work  Wherever You Are In The World

I work with people from all different belief systems or no belief systems at all. I do not discriminate against any country, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. I help everyone.

Distance is no barrier to good energy work. And on a nonphysical level, which is the level that I work on, there is no such thing as distance, only focus. So when you make an appointment for clearing, at your appointment time, we will talk on the telephone or Skype, or I can even use a picture if necessary, allowing me to focus in on your body's energy fields, the energy fields of the living environment or business.

I do not send energy to the telephone line, but many of my clients prefer to remain on the telephone during a personal clearing just for some added connection. During a Skype call, we would naturally remain connected visually or through audio. Sometimes I have to work through pictures only, sometimes combined with the telephone call, and that also allows me to focus in on you or the living environment that you want cleared. It's very common for businesses to send pictures to my mobile phone or e-mail in order to give me a good focus in order to accomplish the clearing.

I have helped thousands of clients in my 22 year professional career, and I am very careful what I do and how I do it. I use a variety of techniques that run some very powerful and positive energy through a person, home or business in order to clear out any negative emotional energies, dissolve negative connections to other people from past or present, and when necessary, banish negative spirits from the vicinity of people, or living environments and also their working environments.

When you find a service that you are interested in, you would click on a book now button. This allows you to access more information about the service, check available dates and times, and then you will have the option to book that service according to your schedule and my availability. When you click on a book now button, there is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything.

We all generate emotional energies, every one of us. There is also generate emotional energy. Emotional energies can and do accumulate and living and working environments. Anywhere there are people or anything that generates emotional energies.

For 24 years, Jeffrey Seelman has been helping individuals, families and businesses keep themselves and their properties free and clear of negative emotional energies. Negative emotional energies can have a profound and unpleasant effect on the atmosphere of our homes and businesses and places we visit. Our bodies energy fields also accumulate emotional energies. Jeffrey has developed some very sound and practical techniques that will certainly enjoy.

Just one hour with Jeffrey and you will feel better. Jeffrey also teaches individuals how to protect themselves properly from negative emotional energies and a variety of other metaphysical talents that you can develop such a psychic ability, astral travel and more.

It's amazing what can be accomplished and telephone, Skype or a person sessions. Most people choose telephone or Skype as Jeffrey's clients are from all over the world.

I use a professional online scheduling system, and you will even have the option of changing your appointment time or date yourself without even having to contact me. That is just one of the many benefits of using a professional booking system. My booking system integrates with PayPal, and please understand that you do not have to use or have a PayPal account in order to purchase goods and services from me. On the checkout page, over on the right, it will read: Don't Have a PayPal Account? If you click on that it will pull up a regular credit/debit card field. So you can use most major credit and debit cards.

There is also the option of contacting me directly, and I can take your credit/debit card information,  or you can request by e-mail or telephone, an e-mail invoice that is payable online. Many of my clients request e-mail invoices either because it's easier for them, or the services that they have requested are not specifically listed on my booking page. It is important to remember that you must make an appointment with me manually by telephone, e-mail or Skype if you wish to request an e-mail invoice, or use my custom payment page and fill in your own amount that we have agreed upon for the services you requested.

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